What Do I Wear?!?! Dudley Season

“A fallen leaf is nothing more than a summer’s wave goodbye.” ~ Unknown

Dudley Season

First Fourth day of fall and I think I am more excited about it being Dudley season.

Though who am I kidding? It was Dudley Season in July, when I was at the beach huddled under towels and their fleeces attempting to keep warm, because I do not do anything below seventy. I felt like the struggle was real, at least at the coast, where it was consistently cloudy, windy, and cold. 

Thank god for my Dudley Fleece! I am ALL about the comfy, cozy side of life AND fashion and Dudley Stephen’s fulfills that desire tenfold. 

The Deets

I have written about Dudley Stephens before in my Friday Favs, but now I am FINALLY getting around to giving them the love they definitely deserve. If I have to wear nothing else, but my Dudley’s this season, I would be okay with it, and yes that includes scarves. And you know how I am about my scarves!

Dudley Stephens is not just a female founded and owned US company, but a family one as well. Created by two sisters, the sibling dynamic, seamlessly works enhancing that connection you get with a small business and creating an environment where they truly care about their customers. When I ran into a issue with an order, it was Lauren, one of the co-founders who responded personally. Now THAT is customer service. 

Another reason I adore Dudley Stephens so much, is that their fleece is made out of recycled water bottles so you are being fashionable while STILL being sustainable. Their two main fleeces, Vello which started the brand and the Terry Fleece (which is my fav) are both super soft and cozy you would never believe they were made out of recyclable materials. Unlike most fleeces, they don’t pill or get worn. In fact they get better with each wash, making them super durable and long lasting. 

Furthering them as an eco friendly and sustainable fashion company is that Dudley Stephens emphasizes minimal waste and produces only small batches of their clothing. Which being totally honest, does have its pros and cons. Many of their items sell out very fast, making you wait anxiously for their next drop. (which they have every Tuesday) That said, because they only manufacture in small batches, they never have a surplice of clothes like so many fashion houses and companies that over produce do. 

Styles and Sizing

While they might make small batches of clothing, they have a wide variety of styles, as well as colors. They run the gamut from neutral tones, to bright hues and even a neon palette. I literally want one in every color! They are also incredibly innovative, always coming up with new designs. They just released a fleece that had puffed sleeves. It is feminine and chic while still emphasizing that comfort. 

The High-Low might be my fav style of theirs. I am hoping they will do another drop of this style soon. It is a more sporty look, while still being stylish. I love that it is longer in the back, so I can wear leggings with it. It also has pockets which I love!

My other favorite design also has pockets which are actually lined with a silk material, making me just want to walk around with my hands in my pockets all the time. Just keeping it real friends! The Cobble Hill Turtleneck has a wide cozy neck and is a true tunic length. While, I love the longer length, it could almost be to long for some people, which is why they just came out with the Green Point, a turtleneck fleece that is in between the Cobble Hill and Park Slope. While I like the new style, the Cobble Hill is my MVP especially as we approach the winter months. 

Thy also have outerwear like the Pacific Vest, The Parsonage Poncho, and the Bedford Blanket which is a cross between a scarf and a shawl. They also design pants and hats and all of their clothing comes with a signature pineapple on the sleeve. 

For sizing, they say true to size, but I tend to size up in all of their fleece. While I could wear a small, it is extremely fitted on me. The medium adds that extra bit of room while still being fitted, that it isn’t baggy, but I am NOT self conscious, I am aways comfortable and the bonus, cozy.


To be perfectly honest, I never thought that fleece would be fashionable and chic, but Dudley Stephens had proven me wrong. Growing up in the era of the sweat suit, I had an aversion to anything that was fleece or velour. Dudley Stephens had changed that.

While my typical uniform is leggings, a fleece, and sneaks or Uggs, Dudley Stephens is not just comfy, but versatile. I have worn my fleece especially the shorter lengths with jeans and heels for a business casual look. As well as flirty skirts and wedges for those cooler nights I want to be warm, but still chic. 

I never thought I would be obsessed with a fleece but I am. They are a staple in my closet. And while every season is Dudley in my book, this is Dudley Stephens hey day and I am so excited to rock my fleece all autumn and even winter long. 

Do you own a Dudley? How do you style it? Do you have a favorite brand that makes you feel cozy

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  1. WOW I need a Dudley fleece, not to mention, I love that it’s a female founded brand anddd uses recycled material WIN! I think I love the high-low style the best too and I also love that it has the hand mit pocket thing in the middle (I’m sure theres a proper name for it that I just don’t know of LOL) the highlighter yellow one though is speaking to me!! I’ve been weirdly super into the neon tones. Thanks for sharing these!! xoxo

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