What Do I Wear?!?!: Dudley Stephen’s Terry Fleece Spring Color Drop

“Design, by definition, is an eco-friendly activity, as its aim is to create objects which are meaningful and durable. Trends always cost resources, but a true designer creates wares which will remain relevant forever.”~ Marcel Wanders

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Dudley Obsessed

By now y’all know I am obsessed with Dudley Stephens. The eco friendly fleece tops and pull overs made from plastic water bottles and up cycled into comfy wear. Dudley Stephens takes athleisure wear to a whole new level and have become a staple in my wardrobe this last year, which is fitting with staying at home slash working from home fashion trends. The clothing isn’t just comfortable, but also chic, making it the perfect business attire without all the stuffiness of a suit or blouse. 

I have highlighted this women owned and operated company before on the blog, and not only do I LOVE their clothing, but also their eco-friendly, sustainable practices which extend PAST their clothing to their production. They release their clothing in small batches, which not only makes them more coveted, which IS a great PR move, but also makes sure they don’t have an excess of inventory to fill up landfills or waste energy. Every Tuesday they have a Dudley Drop where they release certain designs in select colors. While they do give you a hint on their social pages, it is always exciting to see what they release. 

All The Terry Fleece

Terry fleece is probably my favorite fabric by Dudley Stephens. It is a more summery fleece blend while still having all the cozy feels. It also looks chic, while having all the benefits of that athliesure wear that thanks to the pandemic is so popular. While some might consider the Terry fleece strictly for summer, I rock it year round and most of my Dudley’s are in this fabric. 

Spring Terry Fleece Drop 

A couple weeks ago they released their Spring Terry Fleece Collection, in ALL the pretty spring colors. When I heard the news I was absolutely one hundred percent fangirling over it. They always have the most gorgeous colors, but their spring and summer collection especially are full of gorgeous vibrant hues that I am obsessed with and coming in the terry fleece IN my favorite styles I wanted them all! While I did control myself for the most part, I snagged two in shades I will be rocking year round.

I had had my eye on this ice blue color since last summer unfortunately it sold out in my size before I could snag it. When I saw that they were re-releasing it I was not only ecstatic but knew I was going to jump on the on the chance to buy it. No more deliberating! The color is even prettier in person and it is perfect for chilly nights whether it is during the winter or the summer.

The second color I snagged was this stunning kelly green hue. Like the blue, pictures do NOT do it justice. It is vibrant and gorgeous and absolutely perfect for this time of year with Saint Paddy’s Day coming up. It will definitely be my something green! 

Styling the Cobble Hill Style

My favorite style that Dudley designs, is the Cobble Hill. It is a tunic length pull over with a wide turtle neck collar and pockets which are satin lined. It is a style that has all the versatility of being both comfy and chic and can be dressed up or down. I usually style the Cobble Hill with leggings, whether it be my faux leather Spanx leggings for a dressier look or my Lululemon Wunder Unders for a more casual and sporty look, which with glimpses of spring is my go to look now. 

The pull overs are also perfect for a day at the beach which will be here before we know it! While I am obsessed with the green and ice blue hues, Dudley’s Terry Drop also came in other equally stunning vibrant colors like this pink as well as numerous versatile nuetrals. With the wide variety of styles and colors, there is literally something for everyone. I have been living in my Dudley’s and even with life getting a little bit back to normal, I don’t see that changing thanks to the brands versatility. And y’all know how much I love my versatile fashion! 

You can shop all the looks I posted here.

Do you like Dudley Stephens? Do you have an eco-friendly company you love? What is your go to Work From Home Look?

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