What DO I Wear?!?! Dusters and Cover-ups

“I like anywhere with a beach. A beach and warm weather is all I really need.” ~ Rob Gronkowski 

A Cover-up Love Affair

To say I love cover-ups and dusters doesn’t even begin to describe my obsession with them. They are not only perfect as a light weight wrap, but they instantly transform any outfit, giving it that extra pizazz factor. A couple years ago (four to be exact) I did a post on Kimonos. Due to eduction and research, I realized how damaging that term can be, so while some fashion retailers unfortunately still use that term, I prefer to be respectful and call them dusters and cover-ups.


While the name change moves to be less culturally appropriating, they are still the same flowy gorgeous fashionable coverings I adore and are a staple in my closet year round. And because of the lighter fabric during the summer, it makes them a perfect beach accessory. I have gotten quite a few requests that I decided doing another post was an absolute necessity.


Disclaimer: everything is linked on my Like To Know It Page which is an affiliated shopping site. It makes it easy to shop my closet. I do get a small commission at no extra cost to you! Everything is linked here!

Pink Lily

I feel like Pink Lily is the queen of cover-ups. They have a huge selection, in a variety of patterns, styles, and even materials. They are also reasonably priced, while still being the epitome of chic fashion.


Four out of the five cover-ups, I will be sharing are from there, and the great thing is they are ALL different. Even if you don’t like the five I share, you will be sure to find something you DO like on their website because they have so many. I have also linked them all in the Like To Know It app, so shopping is super easy!


Wraps are a great accessory to have, especially if you have to run to the restroom or grab something out of the car and don’t want to be walking around in just your swimsuit, but at the same time you don’t want to have to throw on a bunch of clothes. Not going to lie, I also feel a little diva-esque and even sexy with it blowing in the wind as I walk along the water. I am strutting my stuff, but still covered enough that I don’t feel like everything is on show. They are also perfect for those cooler summer nights, and with outdoor dining happily a trend (that I hope is here to stay) every where, a wrap is a much needed accessory!CFE5B84E-EEC8-4994-89D8-F31F222A25D5

Look At You Shine Blue Floral Duster

The first duster on the list is also one from Pink Lily. I am obsessed with the color. The combination of the vibrant blue and pink instantly makes you stand out and scream tropical oasis. I love how it is long, yet I didn’t have to get it hemmed. It also has two slits which make those beach walks hassle free! The more fitted and longer three quarter length ruffled sleeves add a uniqueness that not many dusters have. I have worn it as a cover-up on the beach, which does give me some robe like vibes. I also love the way it looks with jeans and shorts.


Autumn Calling Beige Floral Duster

This just might be my favorite duster. Also from Pink Lily, the colors are everything! Despite having a more neutral palette which makes it go with everything, the print is so pretty and eye catching.  It is longer which makes it perfect if you are taller. I had thought about getting it hemmed, but I ended up knotting the ends and I love how it looks! It is more fitted up top, but still flowy on the bottom. It has become one of my go to cover-ups this year and is perfect over a swimsuit or to put over a maxi dress.


White House Black Market Checkered Cover-up

My other go to cover-up is from White House Black Market and the only one not from Pink Lily. Unfortunately it is sold out currently, so I linked a similar one from Amazon here. I feel like everyone needs just a basic white wrap, and I definitely spent a long time searching for one as many retailers don’t seem to carry them. This wrap is so versatile which makes it perfect for when you are rocking a patterned swimsuit. The different textures of the fabrics still make it unique without clashing with busier prints. It isn’t just for swimsuits, it has been my go to on the few occasions I have gone out.


Riviera Hearts Mint Floral Duster

Another stunning print from Pink Lily, I am obsessed with this pastel palette. This is shorter then the other wraps, but still long enough to wear over swimwear. It also has laces on the side so you can cinch it up tighter if you wish too, giving it a more cocooned shape. The sleeves are long and flowy so it keeps you cool as well as warm. Because it is shorter, it pairs well with shorts and jeans for a more casual look.


The last duster on the list is unfortunately sold out, but I linked a similar one here. This bold color scheme was definitely outside my comfort zone, but last year this ended up being my most worn piece during the summer and even the fall. While the red isn’t a color I typically go towards, it is extremely versatile and ended up matching a lot of pieces in my wardrobe. It is a more flowy style, making it the perfect wrap to style with anything from jeans to dresses.


Whether you are rocking these cover-ups at the beach or needing a lightweight wrap for a night out, these make the perfect accessory and are a staple in anyone’s wardrobe!


What is your favorite Cover-up/Duster? Are you a fan or do you prefer a more traditional sweater or beach dress? 

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5 thoughts on “What DO I Wear?!?! Dusters and Cover-ups

  1. umm i love all of these?? cover-ups are a MASSIVE part of my summer wardrobe (gotta cover up all the tattoos!) and your picks are absolutely gorge. (as are you, naturally!) xx

  2. Ummmm, why are you the cutest! I love, love, love Pink Lily! They always have the CUTEST clothes! And I’m obsessed with that all white cover up; it’s chic and beachy…and bonus, it looks great against your tan! 🙂

  3. Oh hello Supermodel! You look amazing, I do love a cover up / duster, there is something so chic and fashionable about them. Like you say, it feels so good to be strutting your stuff wit a cute duster on and they’re definitely a beach essential. My favourite two would have to be the Autumn Calling Beige Floral Duster, the red one and I also love the white one too, the colour is perfect as it goes with everything.
    Gorgeous post lovely & thanks for educating us on the new term ‘Duster’, I wasn’t too aware of that before <3

  4. Oh hello gorgeous!!! I swear that boardwalk (or walkway to the beach?) IS your runway!!!! <3 I need to incorporate more cover ups bc these are gorg, granted I don't have a beach but you better believe I'll rock these at the lake! I love the white sheer ones but the colorful floral ones have caught my eye because you can easily turn it into a light cover up for a night out too. Love when clothes have multi purpose! xo

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