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“Clothes could have more meaning and longevity if we think less about owning the latest or cheapest thing and develop more of a relationship with the things we wear” -Elizabeth L. Cline.

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Farm Rio

Hello friends and Happy Sunday! I just got back from a little pre-birthday get away and it was amazing and very much needed! While I was there I had the opportunity to rock the dress that I am about to share with you and I am super excited to do so. This isn’t just about fashion, but a sustainable fashion company that truly works to better the world, whilst keeping us all stylish.

Farm Rio began in small market stall in Rio De Janeiro in 1997 and has only grown from there, from being Brazil’s number one brand, to selling their clothing globally. They don’t just make clothes or are a trendy brand, they are, as they say on their website, a movement, working to spread the good vibes and sustainability while being chic, bold, and colorful. Not only do they strive to make their customers feel powerful as well as beautiful, but they also use their clothes as a way to inspire. Further more, with each purchase they will plant a tree, creating a carbon neutral foot print, which is unheard of for a company, especially a fashion house.

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Dress Obsessed

Aside from the fact that this is a company who’s mission I wholly get behind and support, their clothing is stunning! Inspired by the very nature they are helping to preserve, their prints have all the summer flare which you know this mermaid is all about. Not only do their dresses look like abstract paintings come to life, they are inspired by the colorful palm trees, tropical flowers,  banana trees, and my favorite, pineapples.

They have an array of styles, but being dress obsessed, I am obsessed with their dresses, which are perfect for a dressy occasion or as a cover-up at the beach, depending on the style. While they can be pricey, the quality of their clothing is impeccable, and they last! This is not a company where you buy a shirt and have to get rid of it at the end of a season. Their pieces are also truly timeless. And the fact that they are contributing to the environment, makes me more willing to splurge on such high quality pieces.

How I styled it

I honestly was debating between two dresses, a banana leaf print cut-out dress (which I may or may not still get) and this beautiful colorful smock necked maxi. Because of the elegance of the latter, I chose that one as I figured I could wear it out more often and I am obsessed! One of the things I love about this brand is that I don’t have to hem anything I have bought, which is shocking being on the shorter side of fashion. The fit is true to size, and the silky fabric is so soft though I don’t have to worry about pilling which is a relief.

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My favorite aspect of this dress though? It has pockets! Who doesn’t love a dress that has pockets? And I love how blended they are with the pattern. Because the print is bold and colorful, I literally let it do the talking when I styled it. I added my braided slip-on heels for some height and added my cropped white denim jacket as it was a cooler evening. Finishing it off, I added my coral cascading earrings from Sewcialite which have been a summer staple, as well as a colorful Sewcialite clutch. I LOVE how elegant, yet colorful this look is. It is bold, but not intimidating and it made me feel so happy wearing this dress and it was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday.

Do you like Farm Rio? What is a fashion brand that you love that helps give back to the environment? 

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