What do I Wear: Fashionably Four Eyes Blue Light Edition

“Sometimes you’ve got to put your realistic glasses on and see who you are.” ~ Will Muschamp

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Endless Ideas

Hello again friends! With NaNoWriMo kicking off a couple days ago, I wanted to share a post I have been meaning to write since well before the pandemic started. Apparently I am a little behind. I actually have a compilation of folders, notes and drafts with topics and half written sentences and paragraphs filled with ideas and products, and while I do share them on Friday Favorites, sometimes I want to elaborate on them and I am finally getting around to that! I feel like I am finally making a dent in my folder. Let’s just say I have a LOT of ideas!

Growing up with glasses

I have written at length about my love hate relationship with glasses. I grew up wearing them and had them since I was pretty much in diapers. I admit they were always a source of insecurity for me, and when I was old enough (and thankfully due in part to being an ice skater) I switched to contacts and I honestly never looked back. It wasn’t until I was older that I came to peace with my four-eyedness. And even peace might be stretching it. While I don’t avoid anyone and everyone when I wear my glasses, I don’t actively flaunt them, and it is a rare picture to be seen in them. Until now I should say.

I have horrendous eyesight, and honestly contacts work much better than my glasses do anyway, just because the distance of my eyes from the glasses is enough to cause blurriness and balance issues. I never really thought much about my eye health until a few years ago. I was that person who slept in my contacts, seeing how long the lenses would last and never giving my eyes a break. Thankfully I grew wiser and since my job is literally to sit and stare at a screen, I have begun to worry about the impact staring at a screen has on my eyes. On a different topic, studies have also shown it can cause aging of the skin.

What Is Blue Light?

While we rightfully so have worried about the harmful UV Rays from the sun and promote awareness and protection, there is another visible light spectrum color that can also cause damage; blue light. The visible light spectrum, is a group of colors, that combined make the sun. Each has a different energy level and wavelength which given the amount of time spent could cause damage, if you don’t protect yourself. Blue light is what the television, computers, our phones, and pretty much anything with a screen emits and given our growth of dependency and use over time we are using them a lot more and it is causing damage.

This isn’t to say we should stop using these items but protecting ourselves is super important.

Blue Light Protection

The most prevalent way to protect ourselves is with blue light glasses. You can have them built into your glasses prescription, which I have OR if you don’t wear prescription glasses or contacts you can buy them much like a pair of readers and they are extremely inexpensive.

I bought mine, a set of two, from Amazon for ten dollars. Amazon has all kinds, and all styles, so you have options which made it a little easier for me to rock them knowing I liked them. I initially picked a clearest pink colored frame and black, but I have since bought several other pairs since I wear them a lot. I never thought glasses would be an accessory but here we are. I wear them when I work at my laptop, and even when I watch television, They also act as goggles during nerf wars!

I have noticed that I get less headaches, blurry vision, and eye strain, which are all symptoms of to much exposure to blue light, or as my parents use to say, screen time! Over all I feel like my vision is much healthier and I feel better knowing I am protecting my vision…even if I am four eyes again.

Something else I have done to further protect my eyes, is to buy blue light screen protectors for my phone and laptop. Much like any adhesive screen protector, you put it over your screen and it filters out the blue light. It is another easy fix as they are very inexpensive, and I hopefully won’t have to worry about eye surgery down the road!

DO you wear blue light protecting glasses? Or use a screen protector? How do you feel about blue light? 


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  1. My prescription lens have the blue light anti glare in them, but like you, I wear my contacts more, so I also got a 2 pack off Amazon! 😂 Black cat eye that are super cute!

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