What Do I Wear?!?! Faux Fur Vest

“You cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur” ~ Karl Lagerfeld

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One of my Favorite Accessories 

While the temps have warmed up this week and it makes my heart is incredibly happy, and I may or may not be ready to rock the white jeans, (though let’s be real when am I NOT ready to rock the white jeans?) I still have a couple cold weather items to share before I spam you all with my spring and summer style picks. Don’t worry, platform doc martins and bell bottom jeans will be nowhere to be seen, though I can’t say the same about lobster’s or anchors.

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The Vest

First up, is this faux fur vest from Amazon. While I have been trying to stay away and not shop fast fashion, (Not going to lie Amazon makes it so darn difficult!) I have actually owned this vest for several years and I love it. It is also very definitely fake as I am not a fan of owning real fur. Despite it being fake fur, it is excellent quality and so insanely soft. It is open faced and fairly long, hitting me just above my knee. It also has pockets which you can never EVER go wrong with something that has pockets. This vest literally elevates any outfit and yet it is also insanely warm. Which is always a huge plus given the fact I am always cold.

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How to Style it

I love how versatile this vest is. While I have worn it for nights out, holiday parties, and even going to Broadway shows, I have also rocked it on the ski slopes as an extra layer of warmth, that is also super chic, as well as for coffee dates or even just when working. It goes great with my faux leather Spanx, or over a dress. I have especially been loving pairing it with different prints and textures like this leopard print dress from Lulu’s. I never thought I would be a fan of faux fur, but I have to say I kinda am. At least with this vest!

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Do you like faux fur? Do you own any faux fur pieces? How would you style this? 

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