What DO I Wear?!?! (Faux) Suede and Leather

“I’m a sucker for good black skirts and pretty little shirts and kooky tops. I have to admit that shopping satisfies my craving for immediate gratification.” ~ Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Embracing Fashion and Myself

It has taken me awhile to come into my fashion comfort zone. Perhaps it is age, wisdom, or excuse the language just not giving an expletive anymore. In the last few years I have begun to embrace my body, complete with curves and cellulite, like I haven’t before.


It only took almost thirty years to do it, huh?

I am not going to lie and say it has been easy. It hasn’t. I still have my fat days. I still get frustrated trying on clothes, and despite the fact I preach size is just a number that doesn’t matter, sometimes it does get to me when stores change sizing.


With embracing my body, has also come pushing past the walls of the fashion boundaries my insecure self had set and buying things I would typically have said I was to fat for in the past. This OOTD number is ALL about pushing past those boundaries and unhealthy thoughts.



As someone who is curvaceous AND short, booties have always been a no go, no matter how much I coveted them. In fact when I decided I wanted a pair, it took me three years to find the perfect ones. My criteria was a mile long, but first and foremost I didn’t want them to shorten my legs, making me look like a boulder atop toothpicks.


Aldo is my go to for shoes. They are fairly inexpensive, while still being decent quality. Living in New York, where I walk every day I do not want to drop hundreds of dollars on shoes that will last one season before needing to be replaced.


The minute I saw these booties, it was like I had been shot with Cupid’s arrow. I was in love with them. They are comfortable, while still being fashionable. The heel has some height while still offering support from the stacked heel. Unlike the hundreds of booties I had tried on in the past, the boot hits my ankle just right elongating instead of shortening. The side zipper is also flattering, and I love me some suede shoes for the colder months. I had originally bought them in a tan color, but had to go back and buy them in black when I realized how comfy and versatile they were.


The Skirt

Okay confession time:

Despite having a donate or sell policy on clothes I haven’t worn in the last six months, I went against my anti-hoarding beliefs and hoarded an item of clothing. I am SO sorry! But lord I actually feel better admitting I am not always a Type A minimalist.


But seriously just LOOK at this skirt! I had bought it at one of my favorite boutiques in Burlington. I was at once drawn to it, but it was SO far outside my comfort zone. Like the good friends I have, the girls I was with convinced me to buy it and I did.


Alas I was worried I was going to have buyers remorse. Having a booty worthy of twerking, I have always gravitated to skirts and dresses that at least reach my knees. Maxi over Mini all day every day for me! Whenever I donned something short, I always felt like I was pulling a Brittany or Lindsey.


Thus despite loving the flirty A-line style, and gorgeous faux suede material, because it hit mid thigh it sat in my closet. Friends told me, I wasn’t flashing anyone, but I wasn’t convinced nor did I have the confidence to rock it. Yet, every time I thought about donating, I couldn’t put it in the bag.


Finally, last year I got the nerve to rock this skirt and I haven’t looked back.

The Sweatshirt

I love me some details, and this sweatshirt has it all. It is indeed a sweatshirt and while it has the heaviness of a cozy fleece, it has all the style of a cute top.


Underneath this sweet blonde, is a girl who loves her (faux) leather and the first thing that attracted me was the leather details on the arms. While my first thought was they reminded me of misplaced shoulder pads and how is that attractive? I was proved wrong. The leather gives the shirt an edgy look while the cream colored embroidery softens the tone. This shirt is a walking contradictory, much like myself and I love it!


Finishing the Look 

While I am not a fan of the colder temps, I do love all the options more clothing gives you. Alone these pieces have their own style not to mention how much anxiety they gave me. Together they create one of my favorite fall outfits of the season and even more confidence.


Who knew going past your comfort zone could be so stylish?

This outfit has a rocker edge, and to really emphasis that, I decided to let my hair and make-up do the talking keeping jewelry at a minimum. As much to channel my inner badass as to cover my roots which were due for a dye job, I pulled my hair up into a pouf. I finished the look with my staple red lipstick and Ray-Bans for when the sun decided to shine.


I loved how this outfit came together. I pushed past my fashion boundaries and styled something that gave me the utmost of confidence and body love.

What are fashion pieces that you shy away from? How do you push past your fashion discomfort? As I always I love hearing from you and I hope you guys had an amazing weekend! <3 

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7 thoughts on “What DO I Wear?!?! (Faux) Suede and Leather

  1. Love this outfit and all you said about pushing past comfort zones! This might sound weird, but I rarely wear white or pale tan clothes because my son is so light that I feel like I just blend in with whatever I’m wearing and look super washed out. Now I want to go put on a white T-shirt or something just to push past that!

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