What Do I Wear?!?! Finding Swimwear You Feel Confidant In

“If people view wearing bikini as a problem, then dirt is in their mind and not in mine.” ~ Aditi Rao Hydari

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Swimsuit Confidence 

Hello friends! Happy Saturday! One more day until I turn into an old maid! I kid! I am actually excited for my birthday and what this coming year will bring, but I’ll get into that in my next post (hint it does involve apartment hunting!) Last week I shared about loving yourself in swimwear. Having that perfect bikini/summer body is a misnomer, because we are ALL beautiful. That being said, finding that swimsuit, that fits all your specs, and not only gives you that added boost of confidence, but makes you feel sexy at the same time can be a struggle. But friends, they ARE out there!

And not going to lie, when you find them, like I have, buy them in EVERY darn color! Heck buy them in bulk! Not ashamed to say I do that and am so thankful I have, because some years finding swimsuits are a struggle, and other times I feel like I go broke picking them up. It honestly depends on the trends of the year and whether they are pivoting to the “girls” or the tush. It is actually ironic, because for the longest time I was NOT that girl who had a gazillion swimsuits. I was lucky if I had two! Now I have a plethora of swimsuits, I can choose from, AND feel confident doing so! Not going to lie, I am laying ALL the girl talk out in this post. We are all friends here!

Swimsuit Fit

I thought that I would share some of my bikini favorites. I have always been a two piece girl. Back in my teenage years I was a huge fan of tankinis, as I slowly gained more confidence I switched to bikinis. WHICHEVER you prefer, personally two pieces are the way to go. Being blunt, it makes going to the ladies room so much easier. Am I right? 

Second do NOT ever be afraid of sizing up or sizing down. I know this is easier said then done, because sizing can literally be a mindf–k, But friends my swimsuits literally run the gamut from small to large. It literally depends on the brand and the style, and sometimes even IN a certain brand, like Pink Lily it really depends on the fit. And THAT is what is most important. You want to be comfortable and feel confidant and an ill fitting bathing suit makes all the difference. If you are constantly picking a wedgie (told you) or if you are worried about the girls falling out, or just constantly adjusting in general, you are NOT going to feel confidant. So ignore what the size says and focus on how it feels! I am also a strong believer that you can wear anything as long as you have proper fit which does sometimes mean going up, or even down in a size.

Lastly, I have found out the hard way that small and medium are NOT universal. I HAVE junk in the trunk and typically I am going to need a bigger size in the tushy then I am up top. Which is why two pieces are so amazing. (aside from peeing purposes) you can make them even more customizable to fit you. Companies like Pink Lily sell everything separately so you can also mix tops and bottoms and create even MORE swimsuit looks!

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Favorite Styles

Admittedly, I am much more self conscious about my bottom half then I am about my top half. (I am only human friends) low waisted and high cut briefs are NOT my jam, even when I do size up, I still feel self conscious. Thankfully the last two years, high waisted briefs have become quite popular. Not only do they offer more coverage, but I also feel like they suck everything in, which on period and ovulation days where I LOOK like I am 20 months pregnant (joys of PCOS) is a must, because Aunt Flo is NOT keeping me from my happy place! (I do recommend dark bottoms though JUST In case)

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Because I am not as well endowed up top as my bottom half, I don’t have to worry as much when it comes to tops. That being said I am still picky. I prefer more halter style tops with a LOT of coverage. I am not a fan of flaunting the girls, even if I am at the beach! I am also a huge fan of off the shoulder and/or one shoulder bikini tops. While I do wear sunscreen, off the shoulder helps keep the funky tan lines at bay!

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What are some of your favorite swimsuit styles? Are you a one piece, or a two piece kinda gal? Do you have a bunch of swimsuits? Let me know! 

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