What DO I Wear?!?! Frigid Blustery Days

“Winter dressing is all about having chic outerwear.” ~ George Kotsiopoulos


If it is any indication by my last couple What Do I Wear?!?! posts, I have a slight jacket addiction. I love my coats! Light-weight. Winter-wear. Fall. Spring. Even the dog days of summer, I always have a jacket. Part of it is that I get cold very easily to the point when I was younger I would be with my sister in a store and someone would ask us if we were from Florida because we would have jackets on because it was so cold! Nope just incredibly cold blooded.


Which is why a couple years ago when I first experienced the Polar Vortex I knew I needed something warmer then a stylish peacoat. I had reached the point where functionality definitely trumped fashionable.


// Jacket: Michael Kors// Clutch: Alaina Marie: Bait Bags// Leggings: Lulu Lemon// Booties: Aldo//

I was born and bred in the White Mountains in New Hampshire, known as the whites because of the snow that stays a top the peaks for nine ten months out of the year. You would have thought I would be use to frigid temps, but until my move to the Jungle, I had never felt the need to bundle up. Of course their was such a thing as cars and car starters. No need to dress practical if you were just running from one warm place to another.


In New York I did not have that luxury that I had taken for granted for so long. Just walking two blocks was enough to start the shakes. Thus I began my search for a warmer jacket. One guilty pleasures of living in New York is the people watching, gazing adoringly at outfits or being incredulous someone would walk out the door like that. During the winter months I began to see people wearing these jackets that had a logo that reminded me of a Boy Scout patch. While I wasn’t a fan of that little decal on the arm, when I saw that even the workers at the Today Show wore these coats I knew I had to look into them.


Be still my heart! While the Canada Goose jackets can with stand polar vortex, heck Antarctic temperatures, the price was one months rent! At least! And then some. And that is New York City rent just to be clear, which isn’t cheap. While I debated it and even scrounged sites for discounts, I couldn’t justify buying a 1,000 dollar jacket. Regardless of how warm.

So my search continued.


A year ago I flew into Portland, and per tradition my mom and I went shopping once she had picked me up. I asked her if we could stop at Nordstrom Rack, which is one of my guilty pleasures and of course she agreed.

There I found the holy grail of coats! And ladies and gents it was UNDER a hundred dollars!


Now I am not a huge fan of Michael Kors but lord can he make jackets! When I first saw it, I actually thought it was a Canada Goose jacket. Then I was sure it was a knock off until I saw who made it.

Much like the Canada Goose it is comprised of layers with the interior made of down to keep the body warm. The outer-coat is made of material that will keep you dry during those snow showers. It hits about my knee and goes in at the waist creating a slimmer look something that doesn’t happen a lot with functional winter coats. It came in several colors but I decided on an army green color which I was in love with. It has multiple pockets that even confuses me at times. The side pockets are so deep I can fit my whole wallet in and they definitely keep my hands warm. It has a hood which protects me from all the elements just don’t try talking to me! It also appears to be sound proof!


While I joke about it being my knock off Canada Goose their is one very big difference aside from price, this jacket is all synthetic unlike Canda Goose and it is just as warm! A win-win! Literally I wore it during the polar vortex last year, with just a tank top underneath and I was sweating. It was that toasty.

I love a good bargain especially when it is not only functional but fashionable against the chilly elements!


What do you think of the jacket? Do you own a Canada Goose or one like it?

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4 thoughts on “What DO I Wear?!?! Frigid Blustery Days

  1. You are so stunning! I agree I’m not a huge MK fan as I used to be but their jackets are one of my favorites! My sister has one and I remember borrowing it one night in the city and I never ever wanted to give it back lol It also didn’t help that it fit so perfectly and was such a cute style. Total kudos to the designers. Fur hoods make alll the difference! I feel like a cute and cozy Eskimo with mine on.

    xo, JJ

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