What DO I Wear: Graphic Tees and Leather

Graphic tees are vibes. And I think they’re the basis of a lot of wardrobes, but that makes it challenging to distill what you’re brand means within a T-shirt. Virgil Abloh

Graphic Tee Intervention

You know that time (and by time, I mean tennis blog posts ago) I said I needed a Pink Lily intervention because I am obsessed with their graphic tees? Yeahhh that should probably happen right about now. Seriously ASAP. It is kinda ironic because this is the girl that likes versatility. I even pick my Halloween costumes based on whether I can wear the items again. I sure as heck do not channel Cher and her wardrobe.


Which is why as much as I love Christmas and graphic tees, I have shied away from holiday ones that you can only wear for a couple weeks, before the fashion police start calling. Though they, and all the grinches can really stuff it, because maybe, just maybe, I will start rocking them for longer.


I mean, why not? Graphic tees are a great way to express yourself AND to celebrate the season. They instantly add some pizazz to an outfit, while still being comfortable. But they aren’t all jeans and converse, or sweats and Uggs. Styled right, you can wear them to a dressier Christmas party, and end up being the talk of it. Or at least everyone asking what you shirt says.


The Graphic Tee

Pink Lily has a TON of graphic tees, with fun sayings and a variety of styles and colors. I was on the hunt for a green tee. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted long sleeve or short, but I just wanted it to be green with a humorous, and quite possibly relatable, phrase.

//Cape Blazer: Nordstrom //Graphic Tee: Pink Lily //Faux Leather Leggings: White House Black Market //Heels: Aldo //Bracelet: Victoria Emerson //Necklace: Anthropologie//

They had “You’ll shoot your eye out,” to a simple, but glittery “Joy,” to a sassy “What Up Grinches?” After going back and forth, I settled on a gold sparkly short sleeve tee that said snarkily, “Hot Holiday Mess.” I loved it! The color was the green I was looking for and to be perfectly frank, I kinda have felt like a hot mess of late.


The Look

I had a Christmas party to attend and I knew I wanted to build my outfit around this shirt. I always get glammed up, but lately I have been ALL about the comfort. Not that dresses aren’t comfortable, they are, but I was already channeling the shirt and feeling under the weather.


I went straight to my old tried and true faux leather leggings. These puppies give any outfit that glam, but are still ridiculously comfortable. For a jacket I went to another oldie but goodie, my black cape blazer. It pulled the outfit together in a hipster artist kind of way. Sadly, but not really, because on the verge of getting tons of hate mail, I not only do not have converse sneakers, I also am not a huge fan of them.


I know, I know, but we all have our own tastes. That is what makes fashion so great, and my tastes lean towards something with a heel that is at least three inches high. I donned my favorite (and sadly extremely worn, they need to be resoled) black peep toe heels, that are also incredibly comfortable, though everyone seems shocked by that.


This outfit was so easy to put together (well when I stopped drooling all over the tees!) and almost every piece was something I had owned for years. Despite the pizazz that these pieces had in their own right, they were transformed into a whole new other look by adding the graphic tee. Sometimes the best place to shop is in your own closet. It is stylish, while still being incredibly comfortable which is what I wanted. But most of all, it had that added touch of Christmas cheer, I love so much.


What is your favorite graphic tee you own? How do you re-style clothing? 

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7 thoughts on “What DO I Wear: Graphic Tees and Leather

  1. I love wearing T shirts, they’re so comfortable & casual. This post reminded me that I have a Christmas sweater I have completely forgotten to wear so far this year! I have to wear it every day now haha
    I love the saying on this shirt!

  2. Kate, those leggings are freakin’ sexy!!! I love them & that cape coat is super cute, I want one like that now. LOVE the peep toe heel toe, what a perfect outfit. <3

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