What DO I Wear?!?! Hallmark Christmas Graphic Tee

“I love Hallmark movies because they make movies that you don’t see anymore… and at a time when there is so much evil in the world, it’s kind of nice to be able to retreat to something like a Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.” ~ Rita Moreno

Graphic Tees

I feel like graphic tees are my ugly sweaters or Christmas leggings or anything festive wear. If you followed Blogmas last year, you know how I became a converted Graphic Tee-holic. But not just ANY graphic tees, but CHRISTMAS graphic tees! (though I am not opposed to a good beach one during the summer) They are a great way to celebrate the season and spread some joy. And after years of passing on them, I have officially become addicted to wearing them.


Not gonna lie, I have been rocking them since before Halloween. Pink Lily has some of my favorites from cute phrases, to the Christmas coffeeholic (Me! They are directed at me!) to the Christmas Movie connoisseur, they have ones for everyone! I just can’t believe it took me this long to actually get a tee that shouted my love for Hallmark movies from the rooftops, but I finally corrected that gross misjustice to my wardrobe.


Hallmark Graphic Tee

If you haven’t learned by now, my love for Hallmark Christmas Movies knows no bounds. In fact I like to think that it was my love for them (and endless tweets) back in March that got Hallmark to air Christmas movies when everything went into lockdown, to help spread a little joy, and/or annoy people, whatever it was the reason social media is powerful and I will take a smidge of credit along with probably the million other people who had the same idea. 


Dramatics aside, I FINALLY am able to declare my love for Hallmark with this Pink Lily graphic tee. It says “Tis the Season: Hallmark Movies. Baking. Hot Chocolate.” I feel like that is accurate. Because whether I am drinking coffee, supposedly working, baking, wrapping, whatever, I usually have a (Hallmark) Christmas movie on. 



All of Pink Lilys graphic tees are made out of super soft cotton. This one is a brushed muted red, and while it is fitted, it is still a bit boxy, in true graphic tee style. I also sized up for a loser fit, because I do feel like their tee are on the tighter side. 


                        T-shirt, blanket, mug and leggings are all linked here 

Graphic tees have endless style opportunities as you saw last year and as I will be sharing this year, because yes this is only the FIRST of my graphic tees this year! I tend to wear this shirt though when I am lounging around the house, rocking leggings and yes watching Christmas movies. The two go together like Santa and Rudolph! I have rocked this with jeans and a cardigan. But really it is up to you on how festive you want to be. 


Do you own any Christmas graphic tees? Do you watch Hallmark Christmas Movies? 

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