What DO I Wear: Holiday Graphic Tees

“To me, graphic T-shirts are the most important and most expressive format for a designer or a person. Your taste in graphic tees says a lot about your point of view.” ~ Virgil Abloh

The Graphic Tee

I love me a good graphic tee. They can be a fun way to express yourself, or rep a favorite brand or cause. Whether it is a sassy saying or the logo of your favorite Broadway show, they also make great conversation starters. At a recent appointment with my orthopedist, he asked me about my shirt which was a saying from the musical, Hadestown. It led to a conversation about the show and Broadway, which if you know me I am extremely passionate about not just as a theatre-goer but someone who worked behind the scenes on the Great White Way.


For years, I have collected sweatshirts from beach towns and other exciting places I have visited. In recent years, as space became a premium in my wardrobe, I expanded to graphic tees, of which I already had an extensive Broadway collection, since I not only accumulated shirts working on the show and from friends who performed in various musicals, but every show I attended. While sweatshirts are a cozy way to remember a place, graphic tees are an amusing way, especially if it has a witty tag line.



Pink Lily

I have been obsessed with Pink Lily’s graphic tees which are some of the funniest and sassiest I have seen. Not only can they personalize them, but they have a wide selection year round, not just for the holiday season.


Alas, it is their Christmas collection I JUST might need an intervention for. I literally want one of everything, from glittery yet simplistic tees with words like “Merry” to the heavily innuendoed “What’s up Grinches?” to funny sayings from Christmas movie classics like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Elf, you will find a T-shirt, whether short or long sleeved for every personality in your life.


And that includes coffee lovers.


They didn’t have just one T-shirt, but several with witty holiday sayings just for the coffee lovers. They even had a shirt for coffee AND Hallmark lovers. Alas that might be one that Santa gets me.


While I bought several, which I will be sharing with you, though you can catch a sneak peak on my LIKEtoKNOW.It Page where I have shared them, my favorite just might be this long sleeved-T which I have been rocking since I got it which was right before Halloween. Yes, I have no shame, BUT this shirt with its’ “I run on coffee and Christmas cheer” is so me!


Have you ever met a more perfect shirt? Okay MAYBE if it was a mermaid holding the coffee cup, but knowing Pink Lily that just might be in the works.


Styling A Graphic Tee

Because Pink Lily can run small, I decided I wanted a looser fit and went up a size to a medium. While I could have gone with my regular size, I love the more over sized fit and I can rock leggings with it, but it isn’t so big that I cannot also wear jeans.

Graphic tees aren’t just for lazying around the house or running quick errands, but can be dressed up in stylish and trendy way. Since it was snowing out, it was not a day to experiment so I went for just plain cozy, not even attempting to be chic. I threw on my Uggs and a beanie. Since I ran errands before I took these pictures, I had my Amazon coat on standby, since I shed it for the shoot and lord am I glad I did because it was freezing! B0BC7B8D-8C06-46FD-BF87-78B859D0C6A6

To finish the look, I of course needed a cup of coffee! (and hand warmer!) Unfortunately Starbucks had already sold out of their holiday cups, but that didn’t stop me from taking pictures nor chugging my coffee when I was done! Graphic tees are such a fun way to get in the spirit. (and be comfortable!) Not only are they a Christmas season must have, but they also make great fun gifts.


Do you like graphic tees? Do you have a favorite Christmas one? 

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  1. I love that top! Haha and your commitment to be out in just the sweater for photos, I bundle up soooo much when leaving my house, even if it’s just to grab a package on the porch!

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