What Do I Wear?!?! I Caved!

“Fashion is merely an opinion. And I’ve got a lot of opinions.” ~Kanye West

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Uh-Oh I caved!

Friends I can not believe I am writing this! My sister is legit rolling around in her grave (the clouds?) and being like W-T-F after all the times I made fun of her. But friends, I finally made the incredibly difficult decision, after years of just saying no, and refusing to do it, of buying my first pair of Birkenstocks. I know! WHO am I?! Did I have a mind exorcist? I am not sure, but while I love my Reefs, and do find them comfortable, and shockingly, will rock them for twelve miles moving about the city, I decided to invest in something that had a little bit more support. And after looking at my cousin and Aunt’s Birks, which they happened to have in pretty colors and designs I might add, I decided I needed to do further investigating to determine if maybe I had gotten the good ol’ Birkenstocks wrong.

Again, I know, I know, I said I would NEVER wear them! Like legit, was hell bent against them. As a nineties kid they were ALL the rage in the early 2000’s, especially as someone who was born and raised in Northern New Hampshire, where it was basically a prerequisite for living there. Not going to lie, that kind of scarred me, for life. And back then they did NOT have cute colors. And I am a fierce advocate that you can be cute, and comfortable, and Birks were NOT it.

Much like Uggs, Birkenstocks were not made for the fashionable, but dang, admittedly, they are comfortable AND functional. Thankfully, they have come a long way than just the traditional brown and navy blue colored straps they use to sell. They now have different styles, and pretty colors! My cousin has a pair that look like lace!

Blushin’ Metallic Pink

I ended up going down the Birkenstock rabbit hole and was actually shocked at how many different styles they now have AND the pretty colors and designs they come in. I ultimately went with the Gizeh style, which is like a flip-flop, but larger strap. It also has a much higher arch to mold to your fit for arch support. It came in many different colors, but I stuck with a tried and true color; a blush pink that had a slight metallic sheen to it. Not going to lie, I am obsessed! After trying on my Aunt and cousins, I decided to stick with my sneaker size. They actually are a European company, so many of the sizes use that sizing chart. (I am a size 37, which translates to a 6, 6-5) I could have done a 36 but it would have been tight.

Over all, I am super happy with them! I do recommend breaking them in, especially if you are flat footed, like I am. While they aren’t my favorite sandal in terms of style, they do go with everything, and look alright with a dress, or a pair of shorts. And they are very definitely trendy right now! I can not beat the comfort they give my feet and I have been able to walk miles in them. I will happily admit, I am a Birkenstocks converter, it only took my thirties to finally give them a try!

Do you own Birkenstocks? DO you have a shoe you swore you would never wear, but wear now? 

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