What DO I Wear?!?! I Heart You

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”  Helen Keller

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I heart you

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you are gonna hear ALL the punny jokes and bad pick up lines. And yes, I do find them entertaining. I can’t help it. Find the humor where you can friends! I also am a huge sucker for a heart sweater. It is a great way to be celebratory while still being cozy. And I feel like it takes a graphic tee (which you all know I love) to the next level.

This year Valentine’s Day dinner is going to be slightly different for many people as we are still quarantining at home. While I do love a good glam outfit, and staying home does NOT mean you can’t be glam, I know for many people, athleisure and cozy comfort are the looks many people are leaning towards. Which is why a heart sweater is cozy while still being chic!

The heart sweater

You all know how obsessed I am with Pink Lily. They never let me down when it comes to repping a holiday. Valentine’s Day is no exception. They have a ton of cute options, including this mauve pink sweater with white hearts on it. The moment I saw it on their website, I KNEW I had to have it, and that it would be my one piece to paying homage to Cupid this oh so very short season.

It is a lighter weighted sweater, but STILL cozy. I love that the pattern is subtle so I can wear it long after Valentine’s Day if I want to and I just might! It pairs well with everything from a skirt, if you want to be more glam, to my tried and true Spanx leggings, to even white jeans if you are feeling spring like. Which, not gonna lie after the snow storm we just got, I am feeling it! I decided to share ALL three ways I have styled this sweater.

The Skirt

I am someone who LOVES a good skirt, and a great pair of tights. In fact I  go through phases where I can’t decide if I want to wear leggings or tights. Tights offer a dressier feel, though the downside is, they do tend to be chillier. Where I was styling this look for Valentine’s Day I decided to go all out and rock my Little Black Skirt. It is literally my tried and true, and can be styled so many different ways. I loved how it looked with this sweater. I added my white boots for a bit of a retro go-go look. They also come in a bunch of other colors, including red. I stuck with my staple jewelry and friends, I am ready for a night out in my living room, which honestly is probably WHERE I will be spending Valentine’s Day anyway, with my beau Netflix.

White Jeans

For this next look I have to be completely honest, I have been craving white jeans the last few weeks. Which sounds kind of weird, but in my defense I am ready for spring. (did I mention we got snow the other day?!?!) Like I will open an Only Fans account to bribe Mother Nature. Well maybe not go quite that far, but I am desperate. And while I am all about their being NO fashion rules ANY time of year, white jeans do scream more spring and summer, then winter and that is one of the reasons I love them. I added my tan booties for a more casual look, and while this might be more Valentine’s Day at a Caribbean Resort, I couldn’t help but pay homage to the city of love with my Eiffel Tower necklace.


Lastly I had to share my tried and true. I just had too. This is actually a last minute addition I didn’t think I was going to do, but you know how I love my Spanx and this outfit is both comfy and chic which is my MO, especially cause pandemic life. You can curl up on the couch and watch Netflix or have a candle lit dinner at home, OR on the off chance you do go out, OR in a world with no pandemic this outfit will work. Spanx in my opinion literally works ANYWHERE. They have such a relaxed fit while still holding everything in and looking stylish, and I am obsessed, if you couldn’t tell. While I rock these at home usually barefooted and covering my heel (Because short girl problems) I also took a couple pics with my more casual pair of boots, but you can always do heels with them too.

I love how different yet effortless all three of these outfits look. While I will probably be spending it as I mentioned, on the couch, or perhaps a side trip to the beach, I will definitely be rocking this heart sweater whatever I do. I also shared a few other looks here, here, and here.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Are you going to get dressed up? Which is your favorite look?

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  1. BABE you look so good!! I love the flower tree too! I might do a self love day for Valentine’s Day this year, and get dressed up for myself! Thanks for the inspo doll 🌹

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