What DO I Wear?!?! Jane Iredale Make-up

The most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin.— Jane Iredale    

Meeting “Jane” 

My best friend and fellow Jetsetting Blonde, Sarah has been singing the praises of Jane Iredale since I met her. An extremely talented cosmetologist, she knows the ins and outs of good, long lasting, healthy make-up.

I was flabbergasted, when after dragging Sarah to a hundred degree, I may just die, how am I not dead, hot yoga class, which she not only handled like a champ and is STILL somehow my friend, (Sorry again, you did amazing!) but after almost dying sweating buckets, her make-up was impressively still in pristine condition.


That is apparently Jane for y’all!

Searching for GOOD foundation

I have had a love-hate relationship with foundation for years. Prepare yourselves for skin TMI, but I have fought Tudor Rose worthy wars on my skin. Going from crazy cystic break-outs, (thanks to those pesky hormones) to flakey dry skin that even Yoda’s is softer. Adding insult to injury, I also sweat. A lot! Finding a foundation that covers my mug, AND stays on during the Summer is a struggle that is real peeps.

Due to an understanding with Sephora (ahem-point hoarder-ahem) I had been foundation s-hopping with not much success.


Jane to the Rescue

After working in the entertainment industry and witnessing first hand how make-up was destroying Hollywood’s skin, Jane Iredale set about to create an alternative and natural “Feed, Fortify, Finish” brand that wouldn’t just beautify, but also nourish the skin. In 1994 she launched Jane Iredale, revolutionizing the skin and make-up world ever since.


Jane Iredale is mineral and plant based, using products from the earth instead of chemicals which will age you over time. Every single ingredient is carefully thought out to give the wearer the best results. Because of her emphasis on natural ingredients, she also does not test on animals and her make-up and skincare is one hundred percent cruelty free.


While most foundation will clog your pores, Jane’s actually works with your skin. And the bonus that it is water resistant and water activated, so if you get your face wet, you won’t have make-up running down, resembling the joker. Many of her products are duo purpose, optimizing the best results, making it easy to look your best while spending minimal time on your make-up routine, which for this on the go girl is a huge win!

On a superficial note, her packaging is ridiculously cute, which is always a win!


Consultation With Sarah

As a cosmetologist, Sarah isn’t just a make-up enthusiast, but because she has years of training and classes behind her, she KNOWS what products and brands do and don’t work and she loves to share that knowledge with others.


Ever since that day in hot class, I have wanted to try Jane Iredale, but hadn’t taken the Jane plunge. About to run out of my admitted crappy foundation, now was the time.

While we were both home in New Hampshire, Sarah was giving make-up consultations at Debony’s Salon and guys your girl jumped on that so fast!


As I said, Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable and wanted to help me achieve the look I was going for. Full coverage in about five minutes.

Yes you read that right, I typically do my every day make-up routine in about five minutes (FIVE! MINUTES! How are we still friends?) With every step, she explained what and WHY she was using a product. I not only found it helpful, but also important. In a beautified world, many times people try to sell us make-up because it is in vogue and we feel we have to keep up, (contouring anyone?) that was not the case here. She listened and respected what I wanted and ultimately not just gave me important tips, but made me feel and look beautiful.


Forever a Jane Girl 

There is so much I have come to love about Jane Iredale, but first and foremost, I don’t feel like my skin is caked with make-up anymore. Even on days I have break-outs -which guys let me tell you aside from that time of the month, has lessened quite a bit- and have to use more make-up, it still feels like I don’t have anything on.


It has more coverage, but is also a more natural look then most brands I have used. It really is water resistant, which I love! I now don’t have to worry about my face falling off come Summer!

And most importantly it is HEALTHY for my skin and healthy for animals. If you haven’t tried her I highly recommend you do!


Have you used Jane Iredale? What is your favorite foundation? What cruelty free brand do you swear by? 

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18 thoughts on “What DO I Wear?!?! Jane Iredale Make-up

  1. I would be interested in trying out Jane Iredale. I always love finding new cruelty free brands that feel good on the skin 🤗 right now, I’m still loving Tarte!

  2. I’ve never heard of this brand but you look stunning in these photos. Hubba hubba😂😙 It took me until last year to find a foundation I like x

    1. Oh my gosh I LOVE you! Haha thank you beauty! You always know how to make a girl feel special 🙂 She is actually originally from London and does sell her make-up in the UK. That struggle is real! With all the foundations out there, why oh WHY is it not easy to find the perfect one? Lol. <3

  3. holy hell this sounds AMAZING. I’ve actually been transitioning to mineral makeup because it’s so much better for your skin, but I haven’t found a brand that works for me yet (UGH) so I will have to see if Jane Iredale is available in the UK xxx

    1. I probably should have mentioned, she is originally a Londoner and that YES her make-up is available in the UK! Wooottt!!! Definitely check her out. I actually was not a huge fan of mineral make-up (hated bare minerals) but I don’t know what Jane has done, but it is Ah-freaking-mazing! <3

  4. For my foundation and concealer I swear by Tarte products but I’d totally love to give Jane a try. Her stuff sounds amazing! & it looks awesome on you, too! 😍

  5. You look so beautiful! I’ve not tried Jane Iredale before but you’ve totally sold me! Love that it’s cruelty free and so natural, I definitely want to try this. Also Sarah sounds amazing, it’s great that she took the time to listen to and respect what YOU wanted, not just worried about selling products because they’re the ‘in thing’ etc.

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