What DO I Wear?!?! La La Leggings.

“I have my own style and don’t really follow fashion, but I like leggings. They’re easy to wear and can go with anything.” ~Eva Green

What a mouth full of alliterations! Grammar aside, Since I started the What DO I WEAR?!?! column I have received so much feedback. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I am eternally grateful for all the support. I love hearing from you my readers and fellow Modern Day Renaissance Women. I am so happy to have been able to create such a unique space for the woman who isn’t to be typecaste into one particular mold, but to celebrate the creative aspirations of a wide range of diverse pursuits. So thank you so much! Please keep the comments, questions, even just a hello coming! This is as much about you as it is me.

All of this said, I have gotten a ton of fashion questions, which I love answering. I thought I would tackle one of the bigger ones I have received over the last few months.You might have even guessed what it was in the title of this post.


One of the the major questions I have gotten is “What brand do I wear?”

First of all, let me put to rest (in my opinion) the age old question of, “Are they pants or are they not?” Should they just stay in the obscurity of an eighties gym? Can they be considered proper clothing? Well do not fear dear readers, while I wouldn’t say they are pants per se, I do consider them to be a huge step above tights. This does not mean they are not just for the gym rats. If you find the right ones (I.E. NOT see through and NOT flesh colored…Seriously who thought that was a good idea!?!) and pair them with the right attire, they are perfectly acceptable to be worn as pants.


Now on the verge of sounding like a hypocrite and blowing my opinion, that they are NOT work out pants out of the water. Let me just say, while I am a fashionista, I not only like a good deal, I like versatility as well. If I can buy something and have it work for a dual purpose I am in!

That is where the leggings I wear come in.

As a yoga instructor I admit, I am a Lulu-holic. It is kind of in my DNA. Thus when I went shopping for pants I could teach in, I also looked for something that would take me not just into the studio, but out of it as well.


// Hat, vest, cape, and shirt: Anthropologie // Bracelet: Light House Design Studio // Shoes: Tory Burch // Leggings: LuluLemon //

Thus the Wunder-Under cropped pant.

Wait what? I am wearing work out pants? Guilty. My secret is out to all of you darling readers. Shhh.

Now I know what you are wondering, LuluLemon, for a time, was synonymous with see through, showing what no pant has shown before! I promise you peeps these are not see through. They are extra thick, extra lined and no one is seeing anything they shouldn’t! I pinky promise!

I have always been self conscious about leggings, With a Kim K Booty, but a much more conservative style then she has, I do not like flaunting it. Whenever I wear leggings it tends to be tunics and dresses, and flowy jackets to make sure my derriere is covered.


// Scarf and sweater: Anthropologie // Jacket: H&M // Sunglasses and bag: Tory Burch // Boots: Macys // Leggings: LuluLemon // 

While I still do that with these, I do not feel as self conscious. These pants aren’t thin, and they are incredibly durable, I have three pairs, and have owned them for four years. I sincerely hope that leggings do not go out of style, because these do not seem to want to die!

While most work-out leggings are made of microfiber this has a smooth cotton and luon blend, so they do not look like work out pants. The wide band makes them comfortable around the waist.

While these are suppose to be cropped, hitting mid calf, on the under five feet crowd (A.K.A. me) they hit my ankle, but for what I want them for I don’t need to send them to the cropping doctor.

The only downside to these is that they are pricey at almost ninety dollars a pair. Thank the money Gods I get a discount or my piggy bank would be squealing with misery! Joking aside, I am willing to shell money out, because they are so durable. Like I said, mine have lasted four years. I have bought leggings from other companies, and I am lucky if I get a season out of them. Other brands tend to bunch and dig into my stomach, they rip easily, and they also ended up being see through and my biggest pet peeve, they pilled!


// Sunglasses: Tory Burch // Jacket, scarf, shirt: Anthropologie // Leggings: LuluLemon //

These pants do none of the above.

I could seriously live in them 24/7 and be the happiest PSL Girl stereotype (Despite hating PSL) their is.

Have you tried these leggings out? What do you think? Do you sneak workout pants into your every day outfits? What is your favorite brand of leggings? As always I love hearing from you! <3

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