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What DO I Wear?!?! Let the Nineties and Y2K Stay In the Past


“Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years. There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self expression and, above all, attitude.” ~ Iris Apfel

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Y2K is backkkk

I shared my fall transitions, now I am going to share my fashion nos, no matter WHAT season it is or how trendy it might be. And let me preface it with, if you like something go for it. The joy about fashion is that it is unique and individual to the wearer as it should be and just because I don’t like something, doesn’t mean you can’t, though I might pass judgement on thirty plus year old women wearing lacy socks and loafers. Just sayin’.

So friends, New York Fashion Week has begun, and apparently the nineties and early Y2K are back and I am NOT here for it. I Don’t care WHAT the designers say. Great music, nostalgic toys, the best television series, I adored the nineties. But let’s be real the fashion kinda sucked and it really does need to stay in the turn of the millennia. I feel like I have every right to say this, as I actually lived it friends! I get it, what the experts say is true, fashion does come and go. It is linear. It ebbs and flows. But friends I am NOT here for the nineties and Y2K. I just am not! When I was walking on my college campus earlier this year, I felt like I was back in 2006 walking the halls of my high school, NOT 2023, walking the streets of New York City and NYU. Again, I am a firm believer that fashion is an expression of ourselves and we should rock it as we see fit. But maybe update it just a tad? Possibly? Here is a round up of the trends I am NOT a fan of.

Steve Madden Slides

They’re bacccck and I am not okay with it. The irony is not lost on me. When I was in elementary school I coveted these slides like no other. I begged and begged and begged my mother to buy me a pair until she finally bought me knock offs from Bass. I wore them religiously. I loved those shoes and have fond memories of them. And now friends, they are back, but I am not coveting them. In fact I am cringing. They were great in the late nineties and early Y2K but now? Noooooo please could we evolve to a more stylish trend. Please?!

Loafers with lacy socks

This might be the biggest trend offense I have seen this year. You already know my thoughts, but friends, I can NOT. I admit, I rocked this in my school days. Heck Brittany Spears rocked this. And while it worked then, it does not work now. Not to mention that what is cute on my god-daughter and nieces is NOT cute on adult women. Sorry it just isn’t. And I can not tell you how many “older” women are rocking this trend! I am not against loafers per-se. While they are outdated I think it can work in the right setting, but NOT with lacy socks that make you look like you are trying to relive your Kindergarten days.

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Oversized Jeans and Jackets

I know I am going to receive a lot of pushback on this one. But friends, I am not here for it. It is the epitome of the grunge trend, which on some people that has ALWAYS been their style and I support that, but as a runway trend for the common people? Heck no. I am all for being comfy, but you can be tailored and comfy. And while I am not against boyfriend jeans, or a big shacket, it has to be styled just right. Together? Is not it. You just look frumpy.

Fanny Packs Aka Bum Bags Aka Belt Bags

Okay while the Fanny pack has gotten a remake with the name Belt Bags and the even cuter British moniker, bum bag, I still am not a fan. Sorry friends. I am not. These are reminiscent of my childhood, and yes I did have one. In fact I had several, including a Lisa Frank one that I still have fond memories of. But friends, they really do make your bum look big, and the new adaption of wearing them like a cross body bag just does not work either. In my opinion just wear a cute cross body bag. There is a place for them when you are running or exercising, but in the day to day? No friends. Just no.

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Trends I do like

Shockingly, I am not completely anti nineties and Y2K. There are some trends I have come to love, though they have been fondly updated and have to be styled well. Shockingly, I am a fan of the combat boots, updated of course. These green ones from Macy’s are a new fav of mine. And I love that hats are back, though for me I always have rocked a hat no matter whether it is in style or not. I also love that animal print is a thing. Shockingly I actually wasn’t a fan of it growing up, but have changed my tune as an adult. The nineties and Y2K aren’t all bad and I love that the next generation, well the next, NEXT, generation is loving the ol’ spice girl tunes and Backstreet Boys. But for fashion, somethings should just stay in the past. Amirite?

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What do you think of these trends? Are you here for the Y2K fad being back? What do you not like about it? 

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