What DO I Wear: Lifeline Skincare

“The best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin.” ~ Anonymous 

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Lifeline Skincare

Hello, hello friends! I am back with a brand new to me company that I got to try out and I am obsessed! You all know how important skincare is to me. As I always joke, my mug, is my money maker. At the very least it is what most people notice first! From a young age I have strived to take care of it, while also struggling with hormonal acne, which I STILL struggle with, because regulating hormones is hard! On top of that, I am getting older and fine lines and wrinkles are beginning to set in. That is where Lifeline Skincare comes in.

First, I have to say that Lifeline was incredibly easy to work with as well as being amazingly understanding when I had to delay the campaign because I had a family member in the hospital. They also went above and beyond with sending me some pretty fabulous products to try out. They are a company that per their website, hopes to revolutionize the skincare industry, by using the latest technologies which includes the use of stem cells and molecular technology in fighting anti-aging. Not only are they constantly educating themselves on the newest technological advances in skincare, by purchasing their products you are also giving back to continued research in diseases such as Parkinsons and liver disease.

The Products

They gifted me five different products all with in their anti-wrinkle line. Three serums; Advanced Aqueous treatment, Advanced Defense Complex, and Advanced Molecular Serum. The serums are light weight and don’t smell. The serums are made with peptides from stem cell ultrasomes and antioxidants and work to visibly reduce winkles and improve skin tone. They employ a powerful lipigel delivery system to stimulate collagen production reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. They also use ingredients like imiloxian and hydrochloride which treats skin much like retinol minus the inflammation you sometimes get. Yet still gives you the firmer and brighter results everyone desires.

I also got the Dual Action Exfoliator and the Brightening Cleanser both of which I love! The Dual Exfoliator is made of ultra fine crystals which exfoliates dead skin to create a clean palette and prep skin to better receive the serums. It also contains ingredients like vitamin E and olive oil which provides hydration to help maintain a better skin barrier. The Brightening Cleanser is made up of an enzyme powder that activates when connected with water. That contains vitamins a and e along with salicylic acid which helps to create a brighter and more even toned complexion.

My Thoughts

I loved the simple yet elegant packaging of the bottles and loved that they had guards on the pumps which makes traveling with them much easier. I know I mentioned it above, but I noticed right away, that they did not have an overpowering scent which can be important to many people who don’t like scented skin care products. The serums are also not heavy which is another plus. Honestly though, my favorite products might be the exfoliator and cleanser. I feel like they really get in there, and my skin was left feeling smooth without being dried out. I have been using Lifeline for about a month, and I have noticed my skin is tighter, and has a glow about it that it didn’t have before. I can not wait to see how it progresses as I continue to use these products.

You can shop them all here.

Have you used Lifeline Skincare? What do you think of their products? 

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