What DO I Wear: Livin’ for the Lobstah

“Will you walk a little faster? said a whiting to a snail, “There’s a porpoise close behind us, and he’s treading on my tail! See how eagerly the lobsters and the turtles all advance: They are waiting on the shingle–will you come and join the dance?” ~ Lewis Carroll

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I love Lobstah

If you are from New England or at least familiar with the region, you know that we are well known for dropping our R’s. That is present company excluded, I might say, thanks to my Mom, who was born a half hour outside New York City, and made sure I didn’t talk like a New Englander. Not that there is anything wrong with that and every so often I do find myself dropping an R sometimes at the most inopportune moments. Can’t take the girl out of New England friends! So while we love our Lob-STAH, the R’s are questionable. What is NOT questionable, is how quintessential New England both are.

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Y’all know I love anything nautical (after all this IS Live in the Nautical) and while anchors have been my jam for years, lobster, despite being as stated above quintessential New England, is a newer thing. I actually have Roula from Sewcialite NH to thank with her Bobby the Lobby clutch which has the cutest pearl lobster design on it. And from there, it was a deep dive off of a cliff into the ocean! There is something so whimsical about this mostly red, but sometimes other colors, crustacean. While anchors are classic, lobsters add that extra pizzazz. They aren’t subtle, but they are fun, and I am officially obsessed with them. Thankfully alot of brands this year agree with me, and I was able to elevate my lobster fashion.

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Anthro Lobster Sweater

Every year, Anthropologie puts out a version of this sweater, and the lobster design just might be my favorite. It reminds me of the big chunky knit sweaters my grandmother would wear, yet it is a much chic-er, nautical version of it. Perhaps it is the true definition of Coastal Grandmother, (which I still don’t understand the meaning of, do you?!) Whatever it is, I love how cozy it is. It is perfect for cool summer nights, or if you are always cold like I am, perfect during the day as well. It is also extremely versatile. I have worn it with jeans, but also have rocked it with dresses.

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Red, Blue, And Lobster

How cute is this sweater? And not going to lie this was part of my patriotic garb for the Fourth. After all it is red and blue, and paired with white jeans, it is the colors of ‘Merica friends. A more subtle, nautical take, but patriotic none the less. This is also a preppier style (and again maybe Coastal Grandmother vibes?) then what I usually go for, but not so preppy I feel like I stepped out of a Vineyard Vines catalogue. It is a more fitted sweater, but it still has lots of warmth which I love. A bonus is that the material is not scratchy at ALL. I have rocked it with shorts, as well as the aforementioned white denim, and I bet I could even rock it with a skirt if I wanted too. Fit is true to size.

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Lobster Set

This might be my favorite set of the summer, and the one I didn’t know I needed. Friends, while I know athleisure wear was huge during the pandemic, I stuck with my yoga clothes, which were and are versatile. I did not jump on that train. BUT make it nautical and apparently I will. This sweatshirt and shorts set are so comfy while still being super chic. I have had multiple people ask if it is a romper, and it could look like that, but I actually love that they are separates as I have rocked the sweatshirt on its own with denim and my beloved leggings (won’t let go of yoga clothes that quickly!). They are also perfect to throw over a swimsuit or a night around a campfire. They are also currently on sale!

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Nothing beats a New England summer and these pieces definitely give you that summer state of mind, while keeping it chic and stylish which is what I am all about. I have a feeling I will be rocking these pieces even into the cold winter months, especially if I am feeling nostalgic for the beach, and yes lobster!

Do you like lobster prints? Which of these is your favorite? What is your favorite nautical design? 

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