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Lululemon staples

It is no secret I am a Lululemon aficionado. As a former yoga instructor and figure skater, I literally lived in Lulu in my teens and twenties, and it is really no different in my thirties either. As someone who prefers to buy pieces that are versatile, and almost makes it a game to see how many different occasions and seasons I can wear these pieces to and for, Lululemon surprisingly has some pretty versatile pieces that you can take from the yoga mat to the office, and the gym, to a night out. Not only that, but they are durable and last for years.

Now, I know they have had some controversies over the years, from see through-leggings, to a very problematic, chauvinistic, former CEO. People also complain about the price points. I have to say anytime I have had an issue (and no it had nothing to do with faulty see through leggings) they have always rectified it quickly. Because of that, as well as also being an ambassador, I have been a loyal Lulu customer for decades, in part because I really can take the clothes from the mat into the bigger world outside the studio. Here are some of my favorite and versatile pieces from Lululemon.

The Love Tank

This might be my favorite piece. It is so versatile. It is perfect to wear when working  out or it can be worn as a cami. The material is light enough, that it doesn’t get weighted down when wet, but durable enough it is not see through. I actually feel like it offers more coverage then a true cami and because of that I have no problem shedding my jacket and wearing it without anything over it when I am out and about. It truly is a great basic piece whether for the gym or the office. 

The Jogger 

Okay disclaimer, I use to hate joggers! I felt like they looked like a slightly updated version of the nineties and early y2K sweat suit (which it kinda is) and I didn’t really feel like they were the most flattering pant. That was before I tried the Lululemon joggers. Oh my goodness friends, they are so comfy. I have been converted! They are much more form fitted and the material is great quality and is so soft. They also come in a shorter length which is perfect for us more petite ladies. while I do typically rock them year round, they are the perfect summer and book end season’s pant. I love styling them with the love tank, and a denim jacket.

Rain Rebel Jacket

Everyone needs a great rain jacket and the Rain Rebel Jacket from lululemon one is the perfect staple piece. It is super chic while keeping you dry from the elements. It is lightweight while still extremely durable. It has a ton of pockets so you don’t have to get a bag wet. It is also perfect for running errands, as well as chic enough to wear to the office or a Broadway show. It really has become one of my favorite jackets.


Their leggings truly are the best. I know other people might disagree, but the Wunder Under (which is being rebranded) and the align are my favs. they are so versatile. The luon fabric is perfect for working out  and if you want to be more held in and the lion are perfect to be worn as regular leggings with tunics and even dresses. I also love that online you can get them in 21″ and 23″ which again is perfect for us short ladies. They really do go with everything and I haven’t bought regular leggings in years.

Energy Bra

Now I know what you are thinking, how is a sports bra versatile? They have wide straps and are bulky, but friends, Lululemon’s are not. In fact many of them are super chic, and don’t feel or act like sports bras, though they are, and no friends the girls don’t go anywhere! I can wear them under tops and still be comfortable. my favorite is the Energy Bra, which has a criss-cross back, and thin straps so it doesn’t show under shirts and tanks, and if it does, it looks like it is just part of the look.

From jackets, to sweaters, Lululemon makes up half my wardrobe, at least. They don’t just make chic work-out wear, but clothe that are functional for all occasions. Which is perfect because it means I have more closet space at home, and it makes traveling incredibly easy, when I can bring items that I can rock for all occasions.

Are you a Lululemon fan? Do you were any of their clothes? What is your favorite pieces? 

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