What DO I Wear?!?! Mermaid Chic or a Khaleesi Do?

“Women who stay true to themselves are always more interesting and beautiful to me: women like Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe and Anna Magnani – women who have style, chic, allure and elegance. They didn’t submit to any standard of beauty – they defined it.” ~ Isabella Rossellini


What is in a label?

When I first bought this dress I thought of it as my mermaid gown, the flowing material, the aqua color, even the jeweled neck line was something that belonged amongst the waves. Flash forward a few years with the GoT craze in full force, (of which I happily sit on that throne) I have gotten quite a few Khaleesi comments. First it was my hair which I could understand. Khaleesi IS hair goals for any platinum blonde (sorry Marilyn). In fact I dream of having her length…with OUT extensions.


Then I donned this dress for a wedding and well the comments just kept coming. I never really connected the two always thinking it channeled more of the Queen of the Sea vibes rather then Mother of Dragons. Alas as I looked at the dress I couldn’t deny that it does have a certain Khaleesi-esque flare to it.

Whether I am Mermaid or Dragon Queen (and a thousand other labels) this dress has been my staple to black-tie weddings the last few years.



It seemed once I reached my quarter life crisis that “Wedding Season” was as real as Fall or Summer. Every other weekend I had nuptials to attend and while you can get away with the LBD, no one wants to be labelled as Morticia, especially if you are attending an exes’ wedding.


Thus I went to the one place where I always get my black tie dresses: BCBG. While BCBG can be expensive, I find they not only have amazing sales, but their Black Friday deals are nothing short of stealing. Seriously, the mark downs for these designer dresses make you feel like you have just been Ashton Kutcher Punked.


The Dress

Perusing their website I had come across this Grecian Goddess of an aqua dress. I loved the beading at the halter styled neckline, and the way it draped without being too overwhelming. I knew I would need to get it hemmed, but that in cutting off a foot or so of fabric would not take away from the over all shape of the dress, like it sometimes does. #shortgirlproblems.


And yet I hesitated.


Alas it was true peeps, I hesitated. I have been trying to diversify my wardrobe and since it is one of my favorite colors, I own a variety of blue and green shaded dresses. I was hesitant to add another one to my collection.


Then I looked at the price.

I know technically it is rude to discuss pricing, but guys this was originally a seven hundred dollar dress! (Yes you read that correctly!) which was on sale for a whopping hundred and fifty dollars. And that was before I added the coupon I had.

I am not proud of it, but still I waited.


A whole forty-eight hours before I decided to go for it.

If it is meant to be, it is meant to be and this dress was meant for this mermaid at heart.

Styling It

The rest is history as they say. It has become a staple in my wedding wardrobe the last few years.


Because of the detailing it is incredibly easy to style. I usually pair nude stilettos, though on several occasions knowing I am attending an outdoor venue I have switched to lace wedges. Because of the length, I could wear Vans and no one would notice. (NOT that I have ever tried that!)

Sticking with the nude theme, I also prefer going for a nude or cream wrap.


Because of the jeweled neckline, a necklace would be overkill, so I usually wear statement earrings to add some glitz, decorating my arms or hands in some bling.


Overall Look

This is one of my favorite if not THE favorite looks to wear to a wedding. Despite how glamorous, it is one of the easiest and most effortless, yet still elegant outfits that I have styled. Because of that, it makes traveling incredibly easy. Who wants to be messing with a gazillion accessories and pieces when attending a wedding?


The moment I don the dress I really do feel like a mermaid or maybe it is Khaleesi.

What do you think of the look? Do you think it is more Mermaid Queen or Mother of Dragons? Do you have a go to wedding attendee dress? 

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10 thoughts on “What DO I Wear?!?! Mermaid Chic or a Khaleesi Do?

  1. I have to say, forever Mermaid Queen!<3 Although, Mother of Dragons has a nice empowering ring to it too 😉 I remember when this dress first made an appearance I was no doubt among those commentators goo goo-ga gaing over it!!! I love it on you, it definitely has that Grecian Goddess ish flair to it which I also love. Seriously a dress of many personalities!!! I too love BCBG and rampaid their sales come Black Friday in fact my favorite winter jacket that I love to pieces is from there and also bought on Black Friday. The deal was insane! Anywhooo, I tell you this 100 times and I'll tell you 100 more you are such a beauty, keep on shinin' girl!!!

    xo, jj

    1. Oh my gosh you are the sweetest! Your comment just made my day! And as one mermaid to another thank you 🙂 <3 Bwahaha right?!?! I don't know if you watch GoT (if you don't you NEED too!) but Khaleesi or Mother of Dragons has a gazillion other names so I thought I would stick with the one that is the most bad ass lol.
      You were! And I appreciate all the goo-ga-gahhing! 🙂 It really is..Which fits this Gemini to a Tee! lol.
      Girl yasss!!! I love finding a fellow BCBGer obsessor!
      Awe thank you so much! Thank YOU for being the loving sweet caring beautiful inside and out soul that you are! I hope you have a terrific day beauty <3

  2. You look adorable! I’ve been reading some of your posts and I’m very much addicted to your Blogs! HAHA! It’s youthful, fun and exciting. I hope that you can also follow my Blog page, I would really love to share my writings with you. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Ohh my gosh where to even begin?!?!? Hands down- Khaleesi, but you know my obsession with GOT. You just have the hair to go too! That dress is new level, so beautiful. It looks like it was made for you too! I adore BCBG, but I didn’t know they had such good sales?! Great to know, I usually avoid Black Friday, but I’m totally going to have to go this year to grab this good of a steal!! (PS. I love how you said Ashton Kutcher punked. Lol). XOXO

    1. Hehe. This made my day! I had written this before I even knew you were watching GoT, but when I posted it yesterday, I knew who was going to love this! 😉 Thank you so much beautY! Khaleesi is serious hair goals. I know the actress wears a wig, but I wish my hair was that long! some day!
      Thanks so much sweets! Yes they do! Throughout the year you can find good steals (literally I am like what is this? lol) but Black Friday is when they go all out!
      HEHE. Did I just show my age? I feel like I might have… I mean before we had Khaleesi we did have Paris and Nicole on the Simple Life as hair goals for blondes :p LOL. Okay I will stop with the pop culture references Lol. I hope you have an amazing day beauty! <3 <3 <3

      1. I can’t even explain just how much I love GOT. It’s the best. Ahahahh truth- I didn’t even think about that, but Paris is definitely the pre-Khaleesi blonde idol. Love the pop culture references- bring them on!! Lol! XOXO

        1. Lol. I love that! It is so addicting! After year sou telling my brother and SIL to watch it they finally did and bigne watched it in a month! (we watched the season finale together before I left lol) Bwahaha right? Thanks beautY! I am so glad you appreciate my pop references! 🙂 <3

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