What Do I Wear?!?! Mimic A Melsy

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Mimicking a Melsy

Hello friends! Happy Weekend! And Happy ALMOST Halloween! I have been wanting to share this post for awhile (I just needed to finish it!) and I figured there was no day like today to share this inspo that is inspired by two of my favorite things; My all time love of coffee, which as my nephew tells me ALL the time the only thing I love more then coffee is him and my other nephews and nieces, (he’s right) and Melsy Illustrations. 

I have been wanting to do a Melsy inspo for a really long time and since it is Halloween (weekend) and I feel like if I got dressed up (which I don’t) this could kind of be my Halloween costume. Maybe? I have always been a huge mug fan and have a huge mug collection, many of which includes Melsy mugs, and during covid that collection grew. It was also during quarantine that I got the inspo to well Mimic a Melsy.

I have shared Melsy’s before on Friday Favorites. She is an illustrator who creates high fashion prints never showing faces. Her designs are stylish and chic and she does everything from weddings to New York inspo to fashion houses, the Basic PSLer and everything in between. You not only can customize for weddings, but all of her girls come with your choice of hair and skin colors. Since her son, who has inspired her, she has since expanded to drawing more children and families. She began as a print shop and now has notecards, sweatshirts, bags, towels, and of course my favorite, mugs. I stumbled upon her because she use to do a pop up in Bryant Park’s Winter Village, and this year, she is doing one in Boston! Her designs make the perfect gift, especially her mugs, which I love giving as gifts!

Way to many mugs

Can you ever have to many mugs? I don’t think so, but Melsy is my FAVORITE. The reason I love her mugs is because they are so big, and help keep me caffeinated! You can’t lose with that! While I love coffee, drinking out of a cute cup admittedly makes me love it even more, and Melsy has the cutest ones, that are also uniquely shaped. She also has mugs for every season! Recently a friend asked if I have a Melsy’s mug for every holiday, not quite, but I am working on it! The mug that I have used for my inspiration is actually my very first Melsy’s mug aptly titled “First Coffee” and it is perfect because it pays tribute to my love of coffee while still being super chic. It was also really easy to pull together!

You can shop these mugs here

The OOTD/Halloween Costume

Y’all know I LOVE a good graphic tee, and I have ALOT of coffee graphic tees, most of which, are from Pink Lily. Using my “First Coffee” mug as inspo, I actually decided to switch the colors, as I didn’t have a zebra print skirt. I used my “Coffee is always a good idea” tee from Pink Lily and paired it with white jeans in keeping with the black and white color scheme. I then added my ray-bans, curled my hair and got to posing. I LOVED how it came out and it definitely makes me want to mimic another Melsy Print soon! And maybe, just maybe I will dress up for Halloween this year!

You can shop everything on my Shop.LTK page


What do you think of my Mimic a Melsy? Do you think I could swing it as a Halloween costume? Are you dressing up this year? What other Melsy should I mimic? I hope you all have an amazing weekend! <3 

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