What DO I Wear?!?! Minimizing and Maximizing your Wardrobe

“If you wear short skirts you get your femininity back.” ~ Heather Mills

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I may not be Lizzie McGuire, but I most certainly and unabashedly am an outfit repeater. While I admittedly am not a fan of colder weather, I do like the fashion. Not only that, but cooler temps make it much easier to re-wear clothing. And you know how much I love re-wearing clothing! Not only does it make your piggy bank heavier, and packing easier, but I love the challenge of taking pieces and mixing and matching them. As a traveller and fashionista I try to pack less, while still creating multiple outfits. I find it a personal challenge, one I happily tackle time and time again.


In an age where people are educating themselves about fast fashion, having high quality, versatile clothing, as well as the right pieces for your style make all the difference. Whether it is pants or skirts you can mix and match with different tops or a few hand picked accessories, mixing and matching doesn’t mean you are limiting options. In fact it can give you even more choices. You can style them in so many different ways, that people won’t even realize you are being an outfit repeater ah-la Lizzie McGuire.


In preparation of my move last spring and in anticipation of travel plans where I will be living out of a single suitcase (heck I am right now), I did a major fashion over-haul. While I didn’t feel like I was a clothes hoarder due to major organization skills and maximizing of space in my two hundred square foot apartment, I kinda was and I had to over-haul my wardrobe Marie Kondo style, minus the sparking joy, because well, they are clothes.7AABF9F0-2D71-472A-8752-1BDBF0B66656

While I don’t have a capsule wardrobe, many people think being minimalistic limits you. It doesn’t. You can pare down while still maximizing outfit choices with versatility. Travel, packing, even finding clothes to wear day to day does NOT have to be stressful if your wardrobe is one big mix ‘n match ’em. Not only is versatility key, so is clothing that can transition from season to season. All of these pieces, you have seen before.


The Jacket

If you have followed my blog, you know that this jacket has been a staple in my wardrobe since I bought it two years ago. Perfect for spring, I also rocked it into the summer. It was the perfect accessory for when places had the air conditioning up to high. (which is pretty much ALWAYS) And now I am rocking it late into the fall months.


While I do have a (faux) leather jacket, this is a great alternative, and a nice switch from the sea of leather you typically see in the fall. Despite being made of a heavy cotton material, the style embodies that of a leather jacket, making the transition to colder months a no brainer.


The Skirt

This skirt has also made appearances on this blog and after impulsively buying it, then admittedly regretting it due to being self conscious by its length, it has quickly won me over and become a fav. The (faux) suede makes it perfect for the colder months without making it heavy, so you can even rock it into spring or get a jumpstart on cold weather fashion. depending on the temps, I will wear it with or without tights, and it looks adorable, not just with booties, but cute heels too.

// Jacket and Camisole: Anthropologie //Skirt: Ecco //Booties: Aldo //Necklace: SeaMilligan Designs //Sunnies: Ray-Ban //Hat: H&M

The Camisole

I am a cami addict. When maximizing your wardrobe, layers are the absolute best way to do that, and it starts with a cute camisole as a base. Camisoles work with sweaters, jackets, even dresses that have a little to much neckline. This one from Anthropologie is one of my favorite camisoles and I own it in a gazillion colors. Or at least the three that it came in. While the straps aren’t adjustable, the neckline is perfect and I love how it is double layered making it incredibly flattering especially if you want to indulge in apple cider donuts and all the yummy fall foods!


The Booties

These booties became a favorite of mine last year and I have no shame in admitting that I own them in three different colors. (I have even asked Santa for another pair in sand) After struggling to find booties for no joke, years, I now wear nothing but these, and I even rock them during the summer when it is cooler or rainy out. They are comfy and stylish which is a win-win.


The Look

Staple pieces can seem boring, but when styled correctly they are anything but. I LOVE this look. It is combining basic pieces and creating a chic outfit that with a few tweaks could be winterized by adding tights and a scarf. Or switching the jacket for a kimono and adding wedges it is perfect for warmer months. The options are endless. I finished the look with a floppy hat since it is hat season, and my staple jewelry pieces.


Not only is this outfit super comfy, it also works for a wide variety of activities including taking it from day to night, which I love. Versatility SHOULD be my middle name. While many of these pieces are older (except the booties which you can still buy here) I have linked similar pieces on my LiketoKnow.it page  where you can shop all of my looks. 7F784EC8-72EB-400F-8A5A-5DC743FE0D81

What do you think of the look? What is your favorite staple piece in your closet? How do you maximize your wardrobe? 

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3 thoughts on “What DO I Wear?!?! Minimizing and Maximizing your Wardrobe

  1. Love this post and every piece you’re wearing!!! I don’t have a ton of clothes, but I have a few great pieces that I love and are versatile. You are definitely inspiring when it comes to this!! Be right back while I go through my closet. 😘

  2. Babe you look like a Queen! And I love this post hun. So inspirational and such a strong reminder that you don’t have to purchase clothes over and over again to be a fashionista! You have styled this outfit perfectly and I am so proud of you. I need to take a leaf out of your book and you have fully inspired me to style up some throwback clothes of mine. I LOVE YOU! Also I love this jacket you’re wearing hun! It’s gorgeous and I love the colour. And the hat you’ve styled it with too, simply perfect. Thanks so much for sharing babe, this post has genuinely inspired me ❤️

  3. LOVE that skirt on you!! Can’t believe you were ever self-conscious in it. Your legs are beautiful & the booties were the perfect match. 💖

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