What DO I Wear?!?! More Leopard Print

“My weakness is wearing too much leopard print.” ~ Jackie Collins

All About the Roar

‘Tis the season for sweaters and animal print! I admit I have gone outside my comfort zone this season and splurged quite a bit on animal print clothes, more so even then last year! If 2020 is good for anything, it is that despite life being pretty dormant at the moment, my wardrobe is anything but! Even if I can’t go anywhere, or perhaps because of that, I have been experimenting with ALL the trends and patterns, which includes animal print.


If you know me even just a year ago, you know how reserved I was when it came to these jungle-licious prints, and now I feel like half my wardrobe is some kind of bold animal print and I can not say I hate it!


Sweater Weather

Despite having some what warmish temps, this week has quickly transformed into “Sweatah Weathah.” Anyone else remember that SNL skit?  Anywho funnies aside, sweater weather is real and it is upon us especially if you are in New England! Even if it wasn’t a pandemic, I am all about the cozy, and this sweater from Pink Lily has that in spades!


First of all I have to comment on how soft it is. It literally feels like a snuggy. At the same time it is not itchy at all! I love the subtle colors of the print which makes it easy to style and my other favorite part about this “Sweatah” are the sleeves which are voluminous without being bulky. It has pizazz (you really didn’t think you would get through a blog post without me using that word did you?) while still being a great basic piece.



As with pretty much ANYTHING in my wardrobe, this sweater offers a ton of versatility. I have rocked it with leggings, jeans, and skirts, which is where this Autumn Outfit Of The Day comes in.


I paired the sweater with my faux suede black skirt, which is a tried and true piece. I have literally owned it close to a decade. Because it was cooler, I donned some tights. I buy mine in bulk off of Amazon. Completing the look I donned my staple booties for some comfort, and of course you can’t have fall fun without a hat.


Over all look

The result is a look that is casual yet still chic and perfect for all that fall basicness, you all know I live for. It is also perfect for a more casual look as the winter months approach us, and with it family get togethers, whether it be in person or over Zoom.


I feel like we are all striving for comfortable, chic, and cozy these days. Though being totally honest, I always looked for that balance in my wardrobe even before the pandemic. Regardless this look, in my opinion, fits that to a tee or maybe just a leopard print sweater.


What do you think of the look? What is your favorite animal print pattern?

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3 thoughts on “What DO I Wear?!?! More Leopard Print

  1. Girrrl, you know I’m loving this look along with ALL of your looks! I legit wish I could just share your closet with you 😍 my favorite animal print pattern is probably the cheeta print butttt I will say I do love some snake skin booties!!! xoxo

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