What DO I Wear: My Barbie Look

I’m a Barbie girl in the Barbie world, Life in plastic, it’s fantastic ~ Aqua

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Not in a Barbie World

Okay Disclaimer: I am not actually a Barbie fan. When I was a kid, my Barbie stage lasted exactly four months, mostly because my older sisters played with them. I much preferred American Girl Dolls and have the collection to show for it. (and IF anyone is in the market let me know!) AG Dolls were in my opinion a much better doll option then Barbie with her big chest, tiny waist, and an arch that, for most people (myself included), isn’t feasible and in my opinion promoted body dysmorphia. I am not trying to hate on Barbie, and as a fashionista and pink obsessed woman myself, there is NOTHING wrong with those things and I actually love that is part of her shtick. I also love how they have evolved over the years TO become more Body positive, and empower young girls and even woman.

That said, when I heard they were making a Barbie Movie, I kinda rolled my eyes. Let’s be real, Barbie come to life? Did we REALLY need it? and I won’t lie, my disdain for Ryan Gosling knows no bounds (he is the far inferior Ryan let’s be honest here). But, Friends I feel like I am choking on my words, big time. I know, I know, the movie isn’t out until today, but I full disclaimer I will be seeing it. Yes, you heard that correctly. I will be going to see it, and yes I will be rocking ALL my pink. Margot Robbie looks phenomenal and the video of Ryan Gosling singing, has kinda elevated him (Reynolds is still my favorite, but he definitely has stiff competition now!) to rock star status. SO it is only fitting I compiled a What DO I wear inspired, by, well Barbie. Especially because I am Pink Obsessed.

The Look

Friends, did you really think I would style this look without my Pink Blazer? I adore this jacket so much that I rock it at least once a week. YES, even during the summer. In fact, I just rocked it the other day when I went to the juke box musical inspired by Brittany Spear’s music. It was the perfect look and very Barbie inspired. I also think my pink blazer is just the kind of work attire Barbie would rock and I wholeheartedly support that! It is chic and you can dress it up or down.

Because this is Barbie, I paired a white crop top underneath, because I feel like that is how she would roll. I thought my pink Paparbag shorts from Pink Lilly would be perfect with it being summer and they scream Malibu Barbie to me. Lastly, I added my cork sandals because what is a Barbie look without heels? Though I am loving the shade about Barbie’s feet being flat in the movie, something that won me over as a fellow flat footer. As I mentioned above, I could never be a ballet dancer or a Barbie with my feet! Anyway, I digress, I also added some pink earrings from Sewcialite and a hat and I am now ready to channel my inner Barbie!

What do you think of the look? Did you play with barbies as a kid? Will you watch the movie? 

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