What Do I Wear?!?! My Fav Christmas Graphic Tee

“Hey, I’m gonna give you to the count of ten, to get your ugly, yella, no-good keister off my property, before I pump your guts full of lead!… 1… 2… 10! Keep the change, ya filthy animal!” ~ Home Alone

Holy Grail of Graphic Tees

I have been patiently waiting to share this graphic tee with y’all for months! This literally (at least in my humble opinion) being the holy grail of all graphic tees! I honestly couldn’t decide whether to wait until Christmas Day or right before to share this with you, but I couldn’t wait any longer.

Though to be fair, If you follow me on the LiketoKnow.it app or on Instagram you have probably seen this shirt quite a few times already. I have literally been wearing it, not quite daily, but pretty darn close. I even fore went my glam look for my Zoom Christmas party and rocked this corded sweatshirt. It is cozy while still having that chic factor which you ALL know I love Seriously, I feel like you could turn comfy and chic into a drinking game with the amount of times I say those two words.

But what can I say? That is just how I roll with my style and Pink Lily happily feeds those fashion needs, though it does starve my bank account. The boutique was also on its game with ALL the graphic tees this year, including this one.

The Deets

I adore a good movie quote and when I discovered this one from Pink Lily with the quote from Home Alone, I just about fan-girlled. I actually I think I did. The quote, “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals” is one of my favorite lines from the movie and I knew I needed this tee slash sweatshirt.

I rediscovered Home Alone the last few years thanks to my nephews and nieces who are obsessed with it. If we haven’t watched it at least sixty times between Halloween and New Years, we have failed in our Christmas movie watching duties. I definitely have found a new appreciation for these movies, and as an adult can appreciate the humor even more, which is why it makes it a classic and one of my favorite movies.

While it is marketed as a sweatshirt, I feel like it could be called a heavy tee which I love. It really is cozy with its fitted yet over sized style and at least on me tunic length. I stayed with my regular size and am happy I did, because I really do love this fit. The saying is laser printed and while I do worry about it rubbing off, I have rocked it multiple times a week and it hasn’t yet. I do wash it inside out.

How I style it

Because of the corded material, it is dressier then your traditional sweatshirt or even graphic tee. I have been loving it with my Spanx leggings which I will then pair with knee high boots, though I have also paired it with my short green booties to be more festive. For a more casual look I will style it with my lululemon leggings and sneakers or Uggs for a more sporty look. It really is quite versatile depending on your mood, and style.

In fact I haven’t decided what I am going to wear for Christmas yet, but this might be making an appearance, at least in the morning, when we open presents. I am obsessed and honestly I don’t want the season to end because I love this shirt so much!

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie quote? What is your favorite Christmas movie? 

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  1. Cute! I love Home Alone but my favorite Christmas movie quote (and it’s debatable whether it’s a Christmas movie or not, opinions are split) is Yippee Ki Yay…..

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