What DO I Wear: My Favorite Dress This Summer

“My summer uniform is a dress. I also have a closet full of hats.” ~ Sarah Rafferty

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Finally Sharing This

Oh my ocean! This post has been a Looonggg time coming! Legit it has been sitting in my drafts (amongst the 125+ other posts waiting to see the internet sunlight and waiting to be loved) for over a month. And while that isn’t bad compared to other posts (see the above 125+ posts to be) I have had on the blogger back burner, I kept pushing this back in the posting queue for more time sensitive content, BUT no more! This post is FINALLY getting its due!


I have been raving about this dress all summer. While this post was waiting patiently to have its day in the blogosphere, it doesn’t mean I have kept this perfect summer dress hidden. In fact I highlighted it on my July Friday Favorites and been sharing it on Instagram all summer long, as it is the staple in my closet this season.


Amazon Finds

Amazon has evolved since its conception in 1994 coming a long way from selling books and electronics to now becoming the leading online marketplace for everything from food to clothing. Yes, clothing.

For years Amazon has been selling name brand clothing from Sam Edelman to Kate Spade at a quarter of the original price. It was the biggest none secret that I use to chat with my friends in the yoga studio locker room as we oohed and ahhhed over clothing while getting dressed. People always seemed shocked when I told them I bought my sneakers (Asics all the way!) or socks off of the selling mogul. Recently, they have really delved into and expanded their clothing store and in the last year created Amazon Fashion.CB442805-9E8D-4B4A-8FB4-2F7BEE64D86B

I have no problem buying name brand products from them, many of which are from a couple seasons ago, I did have my doubts for the more obscure brands that were popping up, especially as someone who is trying to steer away from fast fashion, which Amazon most definitely promotes. Yet, great prices and surprisingly decent quality, I can’t deny that their clothes are amazing for any who, including me, who is balling on a budget and wants to look cute, be comfy, and not break the bank.

// Hat and Dress: Amazon// Earrings: Pink Lily Boutique// Ring: Anthropologie// Necklace: SeaMilligan Designs//

The Dress

If you have followed this blog, you know how much I love a good maxi dress, I love the color navy, and if the maxi has a slit, I will buy it in ALL the colors. Well guys, this dress has all of that and more!

The dress is made of a soft cotton material that makes me feel like I am wearing pajamas, and not a dress. While I love a good off the shoulder neckline, many times it will slip up, not this dress. It stays where it is suppose to, and you still have the option of wearing it as a square neck if you desire. The ruffle is not only on trend, but also makes the dress incredibly flattering.


I swear this dress was made for me, because I did not need to hem it at all! It is on the longer side for my 4’11 height and I did size down to an x-small. I LOVE the slits on each side which makes it easier to walk without being to risqué. No kicking and stepping with this dress!

My favorite detail of this dress, aside from the fact that it is designed to be fashionable and comfortable, is that it has pockets! WHO does not love a dress that has pockets? It makes the dress and cements it as a summer staple.


The Look

Thanks to the versatility and the countless color options on Amazon, I own this dress in six different colors. It comes as no shock to anyone though that my favorite is probably the navy. It is such a classic color which I can dress it up or down, taking it from a day at the beach to an Italian dinner. (which I have done.)


Thank to the slit, I can knot it in the front to add some dimension or just leave it long and flowing. This dress is perfect as a beach cover-up, especially for my bathing suits that are off the shoulder, and I always have a hard time figuring out what to pair with them. Thanks to this dress I no longer have to worry about that.

This dress gives me Nantucket meets the Derby vibes and my go to look this summer has been pairing it with my denim jacket, my Biltmore dupe hat also from Amazon, adding some wedges and my favorite nautical jewelry. The styling options for this dress are endless. While this dress is perfect for summer, I can not wait to see how I transition it into fall. Booties and faux leather are definitely in this dresses future!


What do you think of the dress? Do you have a summer staple? Do you shop Amazon Fashion?  

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  1. Omg this dress is gorgeous and it looks stunning on you! Love the color! I cant believe you got it from Amazon!! I definitely need to get me more clothes from there lol

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