What Do I Wear?!?! My Favorite Jacket in a New Color

“If my closet were burning, it’d be my collection of jackets I would save – they always make me feel pulled-together.” ~ Nina Garcia

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My Fav Jacket

Friends, I shared this jacket from Lulu’s last year and not only was it one of my best selling links (which it still is!) but it was a major hit both when I wore it and when I shared it. A year later and it still has not lost its’ luster. It is firmly entrenched as a favorite and better yet, one of those pieces that you can wear year round, either as an outer layer in the warmer months or as more of a blazer to pull a look together in the colder months. I bought it in the only two colors they made; a gray, and one of my favorite colors, an army green. As I said, I literally rock this everywhere, especially in the autumn. So when I found out they made it in not one but TWO new colors I had a fan-girl moment.

A New Color

Y’all know how much I love the color pink, but not just any pink, that soft blush color that in my opinion feels like a neutral, because well it is. (My opinion friends!) It literally goes with anything, which is why it makes such a great color choice for this jacket which also goes with everything! See? A winning combination!

The jacket also comes in a mustard yellow, which I may or may not be debating getting. Though, not going to lie, mustard yellow is so far outside my comfort zone. It is a very trendy color right now, and it would be fun to style outfits with, but for now I am just basking in this beautiful blush pink. It is literally the same jacket, with the same draped front, and pockets just in new colors. I actually would love it, if it came in a navy blue. I can dream!

How I styled it

The jacket can definitely be worn as a statement which I love, but because the color is so versatile it is fairly easy to style it. I also have a lot of pink items, that it matches perfectly including my pink Birkenstocks. While I rock this jacket year round in the gray and the olive green, and I will do the same with the pink, I do love that it has more spring and summer vibes, and I will be able to rock it with Lilly Pulitzer Dresses and shorts. Yes, we aren’t even a month into October and I am planning my warmer months wardrobe!

Alas focusing on a more autumn look, I like to pair it with my Spanx leggings which are a staple during the cold weather months, and a white or sometimes black cami. I’ll finish that look with my knee high boots, and a wide brimmed hat. Depending on the occasion, (and the weather!) I also will style it with a black dress and my tan booties. This jacket makes fashion easy and effortless while still being comfortable which is the way I roll, especially during these cooler months.

What do you think of this new jacket color? What color would you love to see it come in?

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