What Do I Wear?!?! My Favorite Sweater

“Put on a sweater and really great sneakers with a big scarf, and you’ll look so stylish. For me, they are an everyday essential.” ~ Meghan Markle

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Sweater Weather

My first What DO I Wear OOTD of 2022 friends and it is one of my favorite clothing pieces to date! I had shared this charcoal sweater in my December Favorites post, albite in a very brief paragraph and it really does deserve its own post especially since I have bought it in this beautiful tan color, that is a perfect neutral! While I might hate the cold weather, I do love a good sweater. And if nothing else they are cozy and keep me warm since I do live in New England and I have to put up with the cold anyway, (otherwise I would have no life and be seriously depressed).but digressing.

Being a Northernish East Coast gal my whole life, I have learned the art of dressing cute, while still getting the optimal warmth. It isn’t easy. Sometimes all the layers make me feel like the abdominal snowman anyway. It is actually why I love Dudley Stephens so much, because their fleeces are cute chic and insanely warm! I notice a big difference, especially when I am outside if I don’t have one on. But as much as I love Dudley sometimes I want a more trendy option that is still warm.

The Sweater

That is where this Dolman sleeved sweater from Pink Lily comes in. It is at once chic AND warm. It is almost a poncho style with the sleeves, but much more fitted which I love. Fit is true to size, and It is longer in the back so it is perfect to rock with leggings. The material is insanely soft. It literally feels like I am wearing a blanket, and while it feels like cashmere it is not itchy at all. I also love how it has a huge turtleneck that you can roll down into almost a cowl. I have worn it hanging around the house, to rocking it out to a semi fancy dinner. It literally is the perfect sweater and so versatile with styling.

How I style it

My favorite look to rock with this sweater, is what I consider my winter uniform staples: faux leather Spanx leggings (I size up to a medium) knee high boots, and of course my staple jewelry. Sometimes I’ll add a hat, and I have even been rocking a Sherpa lined beanie from Lululemon with the winter months upon us and needing the extra warmth.

Because the sweater is long enough I have also paired heels with my faux leather leggings to rock for dinner, as well as styled it with some classic black denim. It was a staple this holiday season, and as the charcoal is such a classic color, it not only worked well, but was my go to for festivities for a quick and chic, but comfy look. I’ll be rocking this sweater all winter long, and I can honestly say that this is one time I am kind of okay about the cold.

Are you a sweater person? Do you have a favorite sweater style? 

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