What DO I Wear?!?! My Oldie But Oh SO Goodie Maxi Dress

“Maxi dresses are also my best friend. They take me from my morning coffee, to the beach, to nighttime.” ~ Hilary Rhoda  

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Oh the Nostalgia 

Do you ever wear something and you are just flooded with memories because it has been a staple in your closet for forever? Well THIS outfit does that for me! It has ALL the nostalgia factor. It is an oldie but very much a goodie, one I have been rocking for over a decade or so, and lord help the day when I have finally washed it to much. And while Amazon does have some similar styles (which I have linked). It is not the same as THIS dress, that I own in ALL the colors. Yes we all know by now that I am THAT person who will buy the same dress, shirt, etc in every single color they make an item in. I love a good versatile piece but more then that, I love a piece that comes in more then one color. If it works, buy it…or it goes something like that.

Victoria Secret

It was a little known secret (pun kind of intended) that Victoria Secret use to sell clothes online. They still do, but they have gotten away from the chic sweaters, sexy dresses, and every day clothes you could rock. While kids were rocking Abercrombie in high school (yes we are going THAT far back) I was obsessed with Victoria Secret clothes. In fact you could even say they were the gateway to selling online, since that was the ONLY way to get their clothes. Moda International was one of their in-house brands, making dresses, sweaters, coats, denim, and everything in between. Alas in 2014 they discontinued their clothing, (and swimsuits which caused a riot, and which they brought back in 2018) which maybe that makes this dress vintage. I’ll go with that one!

The Dress

When I saw this pleated maxi dress, I KNEW I needed to have it. It didn’t matter that I had to get it hemmed (like two feet!) it was calling to me. It was back in the days when Maxi’s were just beginning to get big. And I was obsessed! It came with a removable sash (but not those pesky straps that ruin the look!) and it had delicate, but adjustable straps, and a slight v-neck. Did I mention that it came in a gazillion colors? The very first one I ordered was a pretty Kelly Green color, which also happened to give me ALL the Great Gatsby Vibes. (and which I did later on wear it to a Great Gatsby party) Well I couldn’t just stop at one color and I ended up buying almost all of them, black being the only exception, and yes I am most definitely a little bitter about THAT.

Styling it

This dress is insanely versatile, which you all know I am ALL about. I love the flowiness, while the pleats give it a more fitted silhouette that still moves as I walk. This dress can be dressed up to go out for a fancy dinner or a wedding. Or dressed down for a day out or to throw over a swimsuit to go to a cafe. From rocking dusters, to a cropped denim jacket, to leaving it as is, the style options are endless. I’ll sometimes leave it as is, and other times I will go all out with jewelry, adding a long pendant necklace, or big earrings. I love that the dress acts like a blank canvas, and it is a huge staple in my wardrobe for spring and summer.

Do you like maxi dresses? Do you have that dress you bring everywhere? 

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