What Do I Wear?!?! My Updated Uniform

“It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.” ~ Maud Hart Lovelace

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It’s My Birthday Month 

Hello friends and Happy June! Hopefully we are all recovered from the long weekend and the official unofficial kick off to summer! Not only is it summer, but it is also officially my birthday month and I could not be more excited! I am a strong believer birthdays should be celebrated all month long, not just on the day! To kick it off, I am sharing one of my favorite outfits. it could even be called my unofficial uniform as I wear it all the time. And shockingly it doesn’t even involve a dress!


I never thought I would be writing about joggers, but here I am. I honestly shied away from this trend for a very VERY long time. While they were slightly more chic then the typical sweatpants, they still resembled them way to much for my nineties kid heart to wear. That is, until I saw Lululemon’s version; more athletic, much sleeker, and bonus, they are cropped, so I didn’t look like MC Hammer when I put them on. I am obsessed! They come in Lululemon’s trademark Luon fabric, so they are buttery soft while still being comfy. I have always abhorred the sneaker and jean trend one me. I can not pull it off, but with these joggers, I can go for optimal comfy while still, in my opinion, look pretty darn chic.

White T-shirt

Everyone needs a white t-shirt in their wardrobe, if not several. It is a great staple that pairs well with pretty much everything, whether you are rocking a skirt, jeans, a more sporty look, or need a shirt to go under a blazer. I wear mine so often that every few years I need to replace them, because unfortunately they do get dingy, and that is what happened this year. Thankfully Pink Lily and Anthropology has a huge selection to choose from. This one from Pink Lily is a little more over sized, which I love. It is also longer, though I can still do a french tuck. It is buttery soft and I have already been rocking it almost daily!

You can shop this look here

Denim Jacket

I actually just bought this denim jacket from Lulu’s, last year after my old one had been loved beyond repair (it had a great life with well over a decade of wear). Denim jackets are another staple that everyone needs in their wardrobe, and I love this one. While I wish it was distressed like my old one, I do feel like the fit is much better and cozier. It works well with everything from maxi dresses to throwing over work out clothes. And I love how the sleeves have a big cuff that I can flip over. I also wear this almost daily!

The Look

Not going to lie, I have been rocking a variation of this look for years, and have even written posts about it before. This is just the updated version, or perhaps I should say that of someone in their thirties. Instead of leggings, I now wear joggers, and both my denim jacket and white t-shirts are a bit looser and trendier with the times. These pieces separately, are great staples in any wardrobe, but when styled together they create a super casual, yet still put together look that is perfect for exploring, traveling, and even grabbing some day time cocktails.

This look truly is a blank canvas which you can add and accessorize too. While I love my flip-flips, I also love rocking my leopard print Adidas sneaks, which offer more support especially if I am gong to be doing a ton of walking, while still being fashionable and not screaming a true sneaker. I’lll also pair some ray-bans and a scarf, which has been a staple for years. My Sewcialite Cascading Coral earrings, another 2022 update, offers the perfect amount of glam without being over the top. And as with any look, I finish it off with my red lipstick and I am ready to take on the day wherever that might lead. Even without the updates, it truly is timeless and yes even effortless.

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Do you have a uniform? Do you have an outfit you love traveling and exploring in? 


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  1. The way you felt about joggers is the same way I felt about parachute pants when they came out. How many generations have been scarred by Hammer pants? 😂

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