What DO I Wear?!?! Naketano

“I’m pretty low-key; you’ll often find me in jeans, a T-shirt and sweatshirt.” ~ Olivia Wilde

Sweatshirt Obsession

I am the queen of sweatshirts. I admit to having a slight addiction obsession problem and my closet is a testament to that with bulging at the seams display of my varied collection. In fact ,while most people collect sunflowers and puppies…kidding I meant postcards and shot glasses, I collect sweatshirts when I travel. being comfy and cozy is the best way to rep all the places I have travelled too.


My sweatshirt obsession is not solely fixed on souvenir sweats. I also have a slight obsession with Lulu(lemon), unfortunately for them, they may or may not have been replaced by a new sweatshirt brand that I am legit obsessed with! And while they don’t have the thumbholes, (damnnit!) they are soft and warm and I legit need an intervention!

Disclaimer: Before I continue for full transparency, I just joined Amazon’s affiliate program, and while YOU pay nothing, I do get a small commission (help a girl out please! I need more hoodies!) if you buy through them. 



Now that that paperwork is done, if you follow me on Insta (which you should – and no not an affiliate link, just my insta, your safe!) you already know how obsessed I am with the brand Naketano. I have posted countless pictures and videos extolling the merits and virtues of this amazing brand.


Founded in Germany, they make sweatshirts and jackets which are not just incredibly well made, but also unique and fashionable. Despite the numerous “leather” appliqués the cover their clothing, they do not use any animal products and all of their clothing is vegan. They pride themselves on being eco conscious as well as adventurous. They are brand that encourages their customers to push limits and explore and I love the messages that are inserted into their jackets.

They also pay homage to the nautical, with roped laces on many of their clothing as well as patterns featuring anchors and sail boats. If I wasn’t sold before, as a mermaid at heart I am in LOVE now!


Hoody Darth X

I have to say, I am not sure if something is getting lost in translation, but the names of their clothing is quite interesting to say the least. If you are easily offended just be forewarned, but do NOT let that deter you from this amazing brand!

My favorite hoody and the one that started it all is the Hoody Darth X. The material is reminiscent of Lululemon scuba hoodies of years past. It is soft, yet still thick and warm. While it doesn’t have the thumbholes (dammnit!) the sleeves are long enough to wrap my hands up in and it is the neck that is the big star of this sweatshirt. It isn’t a true cowl neck, but it is big and warm and cozy and I just want to sink my face into it.


Does that sound weird? Maybe a little bit?

But seriously every time I wear one of these sweatshirts I feel so cozy! It is definitely going to keep me warm come winter!


Naketano Outerwear

Speaking of winter, I might just be a little bit more excited for it.

Wai—- Wha—-!!! WHO am I?!?!

I know. I know. My body must have been taken over by an extraterrestrial force. Alas while I am still not happy that summer is over, I am excited to rock not just their sweatshirts, but also their jackets. They are not only chic, stylish, and have a ton of bells and whistles BUT they are warm!


Knowing how well made this brand is, and in the market for a good heavy duty winter jacket I decided to give them a try. Not only could I not beat the prices, but once I got it, I was in love! The jacket was so warm. The inside is lined with faux fur including the hood and the outer layer is made of wind proof material. It has the nautical rope so I can cinch it tighter at my waist. I am going to be so toasty this winter, I almost can not wait! Almost!

They have a wide variety of outerwear including in between jackets perfect for the spring and fall. I was also in the market for a rain jacket, and couldn’t resist the pink one I found, because guys it has anchors on it!


The Lowdown

NOW, as much as I love this brand, I have two pet peeves. (technically three)

The first is the sizing is seriously skewed with this brand. After years of being obsessed with what size I was, I typically don’t like to talk about it. We are all made differently and it legit changes depending on what store you are shopping in. That said, while some of Naketano’s clothing runs true to size a lot of it runs small.


I am typically between an extra small and a small. Naketano’s sweatshirts I have found fun on the smaller side. While I could have fit into a small I went with a medium and I love how it fits. Most of my friends have also gone up a full size.

Their jackets on the other hand have been trial and error. I originally bought my winter jacket in a medium and it was way, way to big. Like I couldn’t even fake it. I tried! While I bought a couple lightweight jackets and they definitely ran on the smaller side and I had to size up. It really is a sizing roulette game.


The other pet peeve is they are closing!

Say what?!?!

I cried when I found out too! I am not sure what that means for Amazon’s stock, but that brings me to number three-ish pet peeve.


The prices fluctuate daily. Last week they had a flash sale on all hoodies and jackets. Their stock also changes daily. while they might have a sweatshirt in one size and color, they won’t necessarily have it in another. AND the prices vary. You really have to peruse the site and not joking when I say you can spend hours going down the Naketano Amazon vortex.

But it is so worth it. Maybe not to your piggy bank because you will want one of everything. But at least you will be warm and fashionable this winter.


DO you own anything by this brand? Are you a sweatshirt fan? 


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11 thoughts on “What DO I Wear?!?! Naketano

  1. i love a good sweatshirt & souvenir ones are always so nice to have! totally agree about not being happy about summer being over, but definitely being excited about fall fashion!!

  2. I haven’t done much travel but all of the places I’ve gone, I’ve bought a hoodie from, too! I also loooove thumb holes in sweatshirts! The pink, cowl neck one is just adorable. How very sad that they’re closing!! At least you were able to snag your winter pieces on time!

  3. I’d never heard of the brand until you started posting about them but their clothing looks fabulous! If I wasn’t such an awkward size I’d consider buying something to try out x

  4. Is it weird that I can literally see the comfiness of these jumpers through (threw, what how do you spell this word?) the screen!? Like they looook so soft! And I’m in love with the baby pink one 😍 i’m not much of a sweatshirt person to be honest, I do like them but sometimes I feel like they look bulky on me! I prefer a cropped hoodie more! And my friend tends to collect them especially at Disney however I think the reason i don’t is because they are so much more expensive than shot glasses and postcards hahaha 😂 I love that this brand is vegan 😍 how perfect! It’s such a shame they are closing? Does that mean this brand won’t make clothes anymore or just amazon won’t be selling them? X

  5. I absolutely love hoodies! I always tend to get them 1-2 sizes larger though because I love how comfy they are when they are baggy haha. Hoodies are one of the best parts of colder weather for sure!

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