What DO I Wear?!?! National Dress Day

“If you love something, wear it all the time… Find things that suit you. That’s how you look extraordinary.” ~ Vivienne Westwood

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National Dress Day

Hello friends! And happy Sunday! I don’t know who creates these days, and aside from National Coffee, Lipstick, and Margarita Days (because margs ARE important)I don’t really pay much attention to them. That said when National Dress Day was brought to my attention this past week, I decided it deserved its own post. And while yes, I know this does sound frivolous because of everything going on that is exactly why we should celebrate the small things, even if it is a silly day like National Dress Day.

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I know I have shared a LOT of dresses on here and on Shop.LTK, but I am not sure if I have really expressed how much of a bonafide dress fiend, I am. I adore dresses and in the summer I live in them 24/7. It really should be the DOTD (Dress if the Day) instead of the OOTD. And in fact the other day I was lamenting that I had a hardcore case of the winter fashion blues because all I wanted to do was wear a dress without tights. Which isn’t possible in New England until May, unless, you A want to freeze and B want to be laughed at and judged which who cares. But it just isn’t done in New England. In fact as a teenager I use to get asked all the time where I was going because I would always be in a dress.

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The Comfort of dresses

People seem to think dresses are extremely high maintenance or you must be going to a special event, like the above comments I use to get, if you are wearing them. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. While I do love a great gown (and also own way to many of those!) dresses, if wearing the right one, have an ease to them that wearing jeans or shorts don’t have. You only need one article of clothing and if you want to be a minimalist, you don’t need to bring lots of accessories.

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Dresses in my opinion are quite comfy. They are perfect when it is hot and depending on the style they are incredibly flattering. Despite being petite, I tend to wear a lot of maxi dresses, which have their own versatility, because I can dress them up or down depending on where I am going. And if I am having a particularly bad month, where my endo-belly is popping and anything with a waist band (including leggings) is cumbersome, I can still feel comfortable and confidant wearing a dress.

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I need an Intervention

Some people own way to many shoes, or jackets, I own way to many dresses. But since I live in them, is it really a problem? I get many of my dresses from Lulu’s and Pink Lily which are both online websites and have a huge selection of dresses perfect for all occasions. I have also bought some great every day dresses from Amazon, which are similar to a style I use to wear all the time and alas they no longer carry them. I also have a huge Lilly Pulitzer obsession with all her fun prints and summery vibes, but her dresses are definitely a splurge even with her more casual styles.

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Dresses are fun, easy, chic, comfy, and versatile, all things I love when shopping and styling looks. They can seem daunting or dare I say “to feminine” but they aren’t. There really is a style for everyone. So while EVERY day is something, I do believe dresses DO deserve their own special day. I hope you all are having an amazing weekend!

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Do you like dresses? Do you own or wear a lot of them?

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One thought on “What DO I Wear?!?! National Dress Day

  1. I love dresses! I own a lot, I wear them a lot. I wore dresses a lot less during the Pandemic, but now I have changed jobs, I can wear them again.

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