What DO I Wear?!?! New Year’s Eve Glam

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.” ~ T.S. Eliot

Happy New Year’s!

Happy New Year’s loves! 2021 is officially here and I am super excited for all that is in store! I am manifesting a GREAT year and it is going to happen! Like pretty much everyone in the world, my New Year’s was pretty low key, I got in my last run of the year, did some work, and got to Facetime my bestie. I watched the last Christmas movie of the year, and also probably season, as well as watched the National Treasure Movies with my Mom. I absolutely love them and I wish they would make a third one Asap!


Truth be told though, framily, I was lame and I did end up going to bed ten minutes before the ball dropped. I couldn’t help it. Mama was tired and I had my annual hike to today, that wasn’t as bad as it has been in years passed. We had no snow, AND it wasn’t horrendously cold! SO perhaps that means it is a good omen for 2021?


While I did hit the snooze button before I could say Happy New Year, that did not stop me from getting dressed up. Thus the first blog post of 2021 (makes me SO excited to write that) is none other then What DO I Wear. It is also fitting because while yes, I technically rocked it yesterday, it is Fancy Friday which I think I need to bring back in 2021. It just makes everything more glam even at home!


The Dress

I actually JUST got this dress in maybe three days ago. Lulus is having an insane sale, which they actually do every year through their “Outlet” which you can click to on their home page. Clothes and accessories are steeply marked down and on top of that depending on how many items you purchase, you get items for free. I usually purchase my summer wardrobe every year at this sale, and this year is no different.


I also decided to splurge int he hopes of things reopening eventually n a couple LONG Black Dresses, as I surprisingly don’t have one. I picked out two, a high low midi dress and the one I wore for New Years.


I am obsessed with this lace tiered dress and it was giving me all the sassy Bridgerton vibes when I wore it. It is long and elegant with a ruffled bottom that swings as I walk and a lace ruffle at the umpire waist. The straps are adjustable and while the V-neck is deep, I never felt immodest. It not only fit perfectly but was also quite comfortable, and I cannot wait to rock it at a wedding or a night out, when things open up.


Styling It

Because it is black you can literally wear ANYTHING with it. Part of me wished I had a glittery sequined bolero as befits new year’s Eve. But I really loved the chicness of pairing my white cape blazer with the dress, and keeping my jewelry in neutral gold and silver tones. I had also thought about wearing my red heels, but again loved the chicness of the black stilettos. The one pop of glamour aside from my red lip of course, was my Kate Spade clutch, which I thought would be fun since it was New year’s Eve. I linked everything here. 


My hair has been through a lot and I recently gave it a much needed chop in hopes that it will make it grow faster as well as get rid of all the dead ends. I am trying to not style it as much, which means no curling it, which may or may not be killing me! I also am trying not to slather it in product like hair spray so I kept it simple with a half twist on the side, which definitely gave me some 90’s vibes.


I may have been home, and I may have gone to bed early, but I loved getting glammed up for New Year’s even if it was only for a short time and in the comfort of my home. It was the perfect 2020 send off as well as the perfect welcoming of 2021. I hope you all have a Happy New Year! <3


Did you stay up to watch the ball drop? Did you get dressed up? Do you think their should be a third National Treasure? I would love to hear from y’all and I hope you have an amazing 2021! 

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4 thoughts on “What DO I Wear?!?! New Year’s Eve Glam

  1. You look fabulous! Happy new year!
    I stayed up til midnight but I didn’t dress up. I just wore cozy sweatpants haha.
    This year maybe I’ll put in more effort!

  2. I love the look you put together, it’s a gorg dress and I love it paired with the cape blazer! I decided to get into my fanciest (and comfiest) pj’s and just barely made it to midnight too. I think I started to doze off a half hour before lol… Happy New Years love!! xoxo

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