What DO I Wear?!?! Ode of Giving the Brow

“Eyebrows are really important because they structure the face. In school it was funny because I was always the one walking around with tweezers plucking my girlfriends’ eyebrows. I was really good; eyebrow tweezing runs in my family – my mother used to do mine, and I picked it up.” ~ Rita Ora 

Ahhh eyebrows.

I swear they are the bang of my existence. They grow in weird, and the trends range from doable to absolutely ludicrous. I can never keep up with them. I am still recovering from the era of thinner the better. I shudder every time I look at pictures. Babies have more of an eyebrow, then I did.

Word to the wise, thinner is NOT always better. In regards to the brow, it is so very very true. That is to say you do not want a bushy unibrow, because that is not hot either.

A fuller brow is more appealing and shocker! It actually accentuates the eyes more, then if you had no brow to speak of. So please step away from the tweezers!

Seriously. PUT THEM DOWN. DO NOT DO IT! You will thank me.

Now, perhaps like me, you have stepped away from the tweezers and now only go to the experts because you learned your lesson that you and plucking equals a deplorable situation. But, (Yes, there is a but) like me, your eyebrows now refuse to grow. It has been eight years!

What do you do!?

Well. Thankfully in recent years, makeup for eyebrows has become good business. Probably because makeup companies realized what a horrendous idea it was in the nineties! Of course THEY WERE the ones to blame for it. But any who, thanks Vogue!


I admit, for awhile I was using a bit of bronzer to create voluptuous eyebrows and cover my balding spots. Then I walked into Sephora and my mind was blown. There they had a huge eyebrow display. It was like it was created for me! It just might have been!

I was both excited and overwhelmed. Now I no longer had to use my bronzer stealthily, filling my brows in like a thief in the night. Nope. It seemed the nineties trend had affected us all. That said, I had no idea what to use from pomade, to eyebrow mascara, to pencils WHAT do I use?

I immediately asked one of the clerks to help for which she was not only helpful and told me what she would use, but also suggested I see their make-up artist. I love a person who admits what she doesn’t know and is willing to pawn me off on an expert who was equally as helpful and knowledgable.


Calling out my sassy personality right away, he asked if I wanted a more dramatic brow to which I said yes! He then proceeded to show me in what is really a simple process, how to make my brows appear fuller and shapely using just one product. (Again loved him)

Now back in the day, I.E. my high school days I was obsessed with Benefit. For honesties sake, yes, it was the super cute packaging. Similar to Henri Bendel, they have cartoon fashionistas who strut their stuff and are unapologetic for it. I realized that while make-up packaging was a great eye catcher, it really depended on the products and I began to step away from Benefit. Not because it was bad, but it wasn’t what I needed at the time.

It seems that I am making my way back to the Benefit Counter. A few months ago, I switched mascaras and have been using Benefit’s high definition mascara which I love. It makes my eyelashes flirt with the added bonus of not flaking.

Now I am using the brand to create gorgeous eyebrows to wiggle and frown all I want. The Kabrow comes in a jar with an attached wand on the end. Genius! I don’t like brushes that do not come in kits. They get lost, dirty, and dirty up my case. So I love the fact that this is a set. A little goes a long way. I have a feeling, I will be using this for months to come.


Now for the look: He took a brush and gently outlined my brow. Then, using short strokes he filled my brow in. It literally took him a minute to do and he barely made a dent in the pot. Less IS more. While it has taken a little longer for me to do since. I know once I get the hang of it, I will have it done in no time.

It is such an easy makeup trick, that even when I don’t do my eyes (which I don’t do much because of my contacts) I can do this and it will literally define my face.

What are your opinions? Are you a thin or thicker brow person? Do you use any make-up on your brows?

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