What DO I Wear?!?! One Last Christmas Glam Look

“Like snowflakes, my Christmas memories gather and dance—each beautiful, unique, and gone too soon.”~ Deborah Whipp
Christmas in July 

So I actually began getting ready for Christmas in July which is when these pictures were taken. Originally they were going to be my Christmas Card pics, but we all know HOW THAT turned out. And who knows maybe they will end up in a card next year. Irregardless, I have that Christmas content baby! I kid, kinda. While I don’t like using the word, (though I prefer it to influencer) as bloggers, we have to create ALL the content, and as I have mentioned in the past that usually starts long before the season begins. Thus Christmas in July is a REAL thing! But holidays aside, I love this dress! And it is perfect for a Christmas gala, wedding, or just to be fancy because why the heck not?

The Dress

This is actually an oldie but goodie. I bought it from Lulus QUITE a few years ago, but because of the style of the dress and the popularity, they still carry it, though colors do vary. It has been a staple for winter and early spring weddings, as well as holiday galas. It is a halter style dress that has adjustable straps and a long flowing voluminous skirt. Fit is true to size and I am rocking a small, though in short girl fashion, I did have to get the skirt hemmed, but since that is the story of my life, it isn’t a huge deal.

Styling the dress

I actually styled this multiple ways. Like much of my holiday wardrobe this season, the dressier dresses I have been sharing I have been switching the looks up simply by changing my jacket, for more looks, versatility, and to change the dressiness factor. Though unfortunately, I am missing my sequined jacket that alas I had gotten after this shoot. Next time!

Because it was Christmas in July, this outfit actually has a summery flair in the form of my shoes, which I wore my cork heels from Lulus which I am obsessed with! But since it is colder, I have been preferring to wear my black heels, which are enclosed, OR since it is the season add a pop of color and do my red stilettos.

Shop the look here

This dress is super versatile and feels like a blank slate to style however I wish due to the fact that it has no frills on it. For an ultra dressy look, I paired my white cape blazer with it. And for a trendier vibe I did my plaid shacket which the green colors actually matched perfectly. Keeping that Christmas in July vibe going, I also shot a few pics with my cropped white denim jacket, which is perfect for a coastal Christmas down South. For some added Christmas fun, I did rock a Santa hat, because ’tis the season!

What do you think of the look? Are you all ready for Christmas? 

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