What Do I Wear: Paperbag Shorts

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” —Miuccia Prada

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Shorts Season

Friends, it is that time of year again, when the weather gets warmer and we start rocking our summer clothes, which may or may not include shorts. And every year I write a post about my tumultuous relationship with them. It is no secret that I have had a love/hate relationship with shorts. From the time I was little, I have hated them because they exposed my “thunder thighs” which I always felt were, well, for the use of a horrendous word, fat. Shockingly, I would sooner rock a crop top, then I would shorts. The truth is, anyone can wear what ever the f&*# they want, and they SHOULD wear whatever they want. Regardless of body type, age, or what society tells us we should be wearing. And while I am all for self love, and trusting your gut, that voice which tells you, you are not skinny enough, or young, or whatever can quite honestly shove it and shut it.

Fashion is an expression of ourselves. And if we let it, it can be a truly authentic expression and experience, BUT we have to shove away the boundaries and walls we put up, disregard the voices of our own selves as well as society, and rock whatever the heck we want to and yes what god has given us. It has taken me years, and I have way more cellulite then I did when I wouldn’t wear shorts, but you know what? I don’t care. I wear them and rock them anyway, because Lordy can it get hot out, but also because I like them and I am no longer shamed of my body. It carries my strengths and scars and that is an amazing thing! Besides if Martha Stewart can be on the cover of Sports illustrated breaking down barriers, who says we all can’t break down those same fashion?! Heck WHO even made them in the first place? We are strong, beautiful, and as women can do f*&@ing anything!

The Paperbag Short

Pep talk done, (for now) one of my favorite styles, is a short that made its resurgence a couple years ago. The Paperbag short. With a high waist, ruffled top hem, as well as tying at the midriff, these shorts are not only flattering, but are sure to give you confidence. Depending on your preference, you can buy them on the longer side or shorter side, and with most being made out of linen, it is the epitome of a summer short. Not to mention the typing options are endless! From the beach to yes, even work wear, if your office has a more casual approach to dress code, which I feel like most places do these days, Especialy in the summer. It is my go to style short and I own them in a bunch of colors.

The Pink Paperbag Short

My favorite shorts got a glow-up this year. Pink Lily, which is where I have gotten all my Paperbag shorts, came out with a pink version and I am obsessed! They are a more muted fuchsia pink, with the signature tie waist. The twist on them is that it comes with a button enclosure that actually works as opposed to being just for show. Like my other pairs, these are made out of linen and are perfect for work.

How to style Them

As I mention these shorts are so versatile, and can style them a myriad of ways. I have gone for a more beachy look, pairing it with a duster and crop top, but have also gone for a more work attire look with a camisole and blazer. Then there is the in-between, a blazer AND a crop top which is perfect for a night out. The paperbag shorts give me instant confidence as well as comfort which is what fashion should always do. It might be my armor, but it is also my superpower and it can be yours as well. So let this be YOUR hot girl summer, because you are hot both inside and hot all year long!

DO you like the Paperbag Shorts? How dpi you feel about shirts in general? 

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