What DO I Wear: Pretty but Fierce Pink Jacket

“Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude!” ~  Miley Cyrus

Never to Many Jackets

I shared this jacket in my  February Friday Favorites post the other day, but it really does deserve it’s very own blog post, not to mention that everyone who follows me on LIKEtoKnow.it seems to love it as well! It was my bestseller in February! I love a good jacket, sweater, and/or sweatshirt and white I don’t think you can ever have to many, I might be pushing towards that…and that may or may not be even after I moved from New York and minimized my wardrobe. What can I say? A great jacket instantly transforms basic pieces.

Lululemon is one of my go to stores and has been for years. As a former yoga instructor I LIVED in Lululemon, and despite a career change because of the pandemic, I kinda still do. I much prefer spandex and comfy sweatshirts, to nineties athleisure wear, NOT that there is anything wrong with that, it just my personal preference, not to mention PTSD from actually LIVING IN and being subjected to said nineties fashion. Which is why Lululemon is bae.

Treat Yo’ Self

From yoga to running, Lululemon is my go to, especially because when I lived in New York I use to run outside all the time. Yes EVEN in the winter. While that changed when I moved back to New Hampshire, with another move to a DIFFERENT city in the works (for well over a year now, thanks life) I know I will need some warmer outer wear gear to rock. Which is WHY I decided to treat myself for Valentine’s Day (which is always a good idea irregardless of single or taken status) and buy the Another Mile Jacket from Lululemon.

I have been eyeing this jacket for years! Lululemon makes some version of this jacket every year, and it usually comes in black, but as I already have a ton of black jackets, I could not justify buying it. Believe me, I really, REALLY, tried to rationalize this one. BUT THEN they came out with this purty in pink color. Friends you know how I am with blush pink, I HAD to have it. It was like a sign from the heavens above saying “Buy me!”

The Jacket

First the color is the absolute most perfect shade of pink. It isn’t to garish and vibrant, but subtle while still adding some some brightness during the bleak winter months, as well as giving a glimpse of spring as it gets warmer. The jacket is SO lightweight. I honestly had my doubts about it keeping me warm, especially since it has been my mission this year to find a jacket that could withstand arctic temps. While this jacket is not designed for that, and I am still on the hunt, this does keep me pretty cozy and will be perfect for running in the winter. I tested it out at the beach and it passed!

It has two layers of zippers for added warmth as well as giving it a unique style. The hood comes off so this jacket has two looks. It has several pockets as well as the staple thumbholes that I now covet in ALL my jackets and sweatshirts, and make all others subpar if they do NOT have the thumbholes!

While this jacket is designed to be rocked on a cold winter’s run, I have been wearing it daily when I run errands or just go outside. The chicness of the jacket doesn’t scream work out wear, while the style gives it so much versatility. I have bee styling it with the Lululemon leggings and sneaks, of course, but also with jeans, Spanx leggings, and boots. I am truly obsessed and so happy I splurged on this jacket because it is not only a staple, but I will be rocking it for years to come.

What do you think of this jacket? Do you run outside? What is your go to work out gear brand?

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3 thoughts on “What DO I Wear: Pretty but Fierce Pink Jacket

  1. That jacket’s so cute I almost (not quite) wish I had jacket weather! I’m with you, I LOVE thumb holes in outerwear, one of the best fashion inventions ever!

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