What DO I Wear: Sewcialite New Hampshire

“One trend I always go for is nautical: stripes, navy, rope knot belts, gold buckles.” ~ Poppy Delevingne

Nautical Year Round

First of all, this post is LONG over due. Like long long LONG, getting red letters, over due. While several of Roula’s creations have featured in my Friday Favorites posts, I have been meaning to give Roula her very own post. I discovered Roula on Instagram and fell in love with her designs. It is an honest to goodness obsession, one that I am not sure my bank account approves of. Oh well, she is insanely talented and you only live once, right?


Also, I know you guys are thinking, Kate it is autumn going on WINTER, DON’T be in denial. I swear I am not in denial, (okay a little bit) but, (always a but) BUT this is a Nautical Lifestyle Blog, written by a Christmas obsessed mermaid. And since Christmas IS coming up, and Roula’s products are on many of my gift guides, not to mention I even asked Santa for some Sewcialite goodies. (I swear I have been a good girl Santa, I promise!) it is only fitting to finally give this talented goddess a shout out. Not only are her designs insane, SHE is the sweetest person and so easy to work with.


Insta Friends

As I mentioned above, I discovered Roula on Instagram. Instagram isn’t just for bloggers or photographers, but also a great place to discover small businesses and designers. The nautical community, especially the New England Nautical community, on Instagram is shockingly small and close knit. It is ironic, because I had discovered Roula a couple years ago, but only started following her a year or so ago. (what the heck took me so long?) I not only had friends of mine who followed Roula, but she actually kept popping up on my feed to follow and I finally decided to check her page out, especially since she is a fellow New Hampshirite.


I was instantly enamored not just by her designs, but her instagram as well, which is GOALS! She jokes she isn’t a blogger, but she really is. She has a better ‘gram then most in the biz. And her style is amazing! Since her business name is Sewcialite (LOVE the play on words) I have a tendency to refer to her as Mrs. Sewcialite.


(Mrs.) Sewcialite_NH

Roula is a self taught fiber artist and designs bags, planters, bowls, coasters AND jewelry out of rope as a side hustle. She is actually a project manager, mom and wife, when she isn’t roping. Her bags are what caught my attention, though I can not wait to have my own space (some day!) so I can decorate with her bowls. They make such a subtle statement especially hung on the wall. Everything is handmade, and she is the epitome of a boss babe, as designer, sewer, marketer, and model. There really is nothing she can’t do and she is probably one of the hardest working, talented people I know.


Roula not only designs gorgeous clutches, that she can also bead, but also makes crossbody bags, that are incredibly durable. Originally I was suppose to go to Europe in June and was in the market for a bag that was big enough to hold the important necessities, but small enough I wasn’t lugging my life around. (which we all know I did living in New York) Roula came to the rescue. She patiently (like legit patiently, your girl can be high maintenance when she has something pictured in her head) worked with me designing the bag of my dreams. While I can hem a pant like no other, I knew nothing about sewing or hand stitching rope, and she explained the process and the options she could do at every step, (like I said high maintenance, I am). The result was a navy crossbody bag with an anchor hand beaded on the flap, just like I had envisioned. I was and am obsessed with it, though thanks to COVID it hasn’t gotten that much use. 


In May, showcasing that her creativity knows no bounds, Roula created the Knotical (her play on words is amazing!) earring, which is a light weight statement earring made out of rope, which of course I needed to get one in every color! (working on it!) She then created the Kittery Knot, the Leaf Peepers, and perfect for the holidays, the Knotty Bow earrings. This past week she just came out with what just might be my new favorite (sorry Knotical earring) earring design, the Barnacle Hoop, which is a beaded hooped earring, and I am a girl who loves my hoops!  


The perfect gift!

One of the reasons I am such a huge fan of Mrs. Sewcialite, is that Roula is such a breeze to work with. Good customer service is something I always look for when purchasing from companies, and she wins the award for best customer service hands down. She not only cares about her designs, as any true artist does, but she also cares about and wants her customers to be happy. I have had multiple friends as well as family members shop with Roula and all of them raved about the experiences.


Thought isn’t just put into the designs but every step of the process, which is why her products make such great gifts, not just for the upcoming holiday season, but anytime of year, for any special occasion. They also aren’t just for mermaids (though mermaids WILL love them) but perfect for any fashionista. They are stylish, chic, and you can tell that love is put into every stitch and bead. Roula also welcomes customizations and has such a great eye for detail when working with her customers. She just released her holiday collection, so yes even mermaid’s can wear Santa hats and be festive!


You can find Roula at: 

Roula’s Etsy page

Roula’s Instagram

Have you bought anything from Sewcialite? Do you have any mermaids in your life? What are your favorite nautical gifts to buy? 

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