What Do I Wear?!?! Shacket Season

“That is the key of this collection, being yourself. Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.” ~ Gianni Versace

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What is a shacket?

By now we all know what a shacket is, and if not, it is a word that combines shirt and jacket and is usually an oversized button down flannel. It has been trending the last couple seasons, as nineties fashion has made a come back. I admit I am a little torn on this trend. I have never been a huge plaid and flannel fan, unless it is Christmas PJ’s, as it is a little to lumber jack for me. Growing up in the mountains in New England, I saw WAY to much of that for my taste. And while I do love to be comfy, and a soft fabric shacket does scream cozy, I also prefer my clothes to be a little more fitted and sleek.

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Thus I have shied away from the shacket trend, until now that is. Honestly, while trends become popularized, in my opinion it is still personal preference. I have a lot of friends who rock the shacket, and rock it well. But the whole grunge scene that has made a come back is not where it is at for me. AND THAT is okay. Trends in my opinion are more of a guidance then a must conform and have to wear in my book. You pick and choose the trends that work for you and incorporate into your style and that is what makes you, YOU.

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The Shacket 

Honestly, I didn’t think the shacket was a trend I would be partaking in, until I found the perfect shacket that is. While I wasn’t actively searching for a shacket, I also hadn’t written it completely off, and when I saw this green shacket from Pink Lily I knew it had my name on it. Technically, I feel like it might be a stretch as a TRUE shacket, because it is cropped, but it is oversized. It is also made out of the coziest flannel, and I adore the green plaid pattern, which also happens to be perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

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How to Style

Since this green shacket became a part of my wardrobe last winter, I have styled it a number of ways. It really is a versatile piece, despite its casual appearance at first. For the ultimate cozy look, I paired it with my white Dudley, and Spanx. I have also paired it with dresses, and as well as longer camisoles and again my Spanx, which are a staple. For the ultimate chic but fitted look, I paired it with a black skirt and my green booties. Which also works for the holidays. Another holiday look? I paired this shacket with a green sequined body-suit and black dress pants. Trendy and channeling my Christmas spirit!

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I honestly never thought, I would own a shacket, or would love this particular one as much as I do. While some trends may not fit your personal style, fashion is all about experimenting and while you don’t have to fully commit to a trend, (I can confidently say, I will never do mom jeans and a shacket) you can get creative for your own take on the popular fashion pieces of the moment, while still staying true to yourself. After all, the best piece of fashion there is, is confidence!

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Do you like the Shacket trend? Do you own one? How do you style it? 

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