What Do I Wear: Sleep Edition

“Chilling out on the bed in your hotel room watching television, while wearing your own pajamas, is sometimes the best part of a vacation.” ~ Laura Marano

Not a Pajama Queen

I dunno if it is because Valentine’s Day is on the horizon or what, but I have gotten a lot of questions about what I wear when I sleep. And no, no one is being sleazy (well some might be) the question of pajamas, lingerie, and sleep wear does tend to come up this time of year. But friends aside from Christmas, I do not own Pajamas! I just don’t. It doesn’t really fit in with my “versatile” style and minimalist closet.

I know shocking, but before anyone’s mind goes there, I do wear clothes when I sleep. Just not what is defined as “Pajamas.” Personal opinion, I feel like it is money ill spent. Y’all know I love versatility when it comes to clothing, and that also includes my sleep wear. The exception being the holidays, but lord knows I get my moneys worth out of those with blogging and Blogmas so I kinda justify it that way. That isn’t to say I wouldn’t do V-Day Pajamas if a brand asked, (oh hey!) but I am not going to voluntarily spend my money on it.

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What DO YOU Wear?

So what do I wear? You might ask. Nothing crazy friends; an oversized t-shirt usually repping one of my New York sports teams (take your pick of New York; Yankees, Rangers or Giants) and Lululemon shorts. Clothes that I can and do wear out in the world as well as at home.

It also makes it easy to travel, not that I am embarrassed by fuzzy pajamas or taco printed jammies, but when I travel with friends, my t-shirt and shorts are presentable enough that I am not going to be embarrassing myself or make anyone else uncomfortable, unless of course they are a Boston fan…kidding kind of.

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My sleepwear is versatile enough that at night I can throw them on while either entertaining friends, or visiting them. I can have a glass of wine (or six) or take part in a game of Cards Against Humanity and be super comfy while still being ready to jump I to bed when I am exhausted. It works for me.

Now ironically my t-shirt that I have been rocking IS from Aerie which is all abut comfy lounge wear and athleisure. Not that I want to promote OTHER teams but they do have a wide selection in their sports section and the shirts are buttery soft especially the more you wear and wash them. I size up, and while in this shirt I am rocking a medium, I could have done a large for even more comfort, or for a more nightshirt-esque style. The Lululemon shorts are my favorite to wear not only for bed, but when I am hiking, out and about or at the beach. They are the perfect length and don’t ride up.

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And before I forget, the one splurge that is strictly bedtime “attire-esque” is Is my sleep mask from SLIP. I have been using a sleep mask for decades, as I get the best sleep when I have one, and the Slip Silk masks are my favorite as they don’t leave creases on my face but stay on all night! They are an investment, but an investment that in my opinion is a necessity for a perfect restful snooze-fest!

What do you sleep in? Are you a pajamas type of person or more lounge wear? Or a combination? 

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  1. I wear pyjamas most of the time but like you I sometimes wear t-shirts and comfy loungewear too! One thing I hate is satin pyjamas, I don’t like the thought of sliding around and it gives my hair extra static.

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