What DO I Wear?!?! Stay At Home Easter Florals

The right kind of floral makes you look styled and well-considered. Tan France

A Different Kind Of Easter

Since everything in New Hampshire (and the country) is shut down here until May 4, (May the Fourth be with you…Sorry I couldn’t resist but did anyone else think that as well? No? just me, okay, I’ll shut-up) it is safe to say that Easter celebrations will unfortunately be very muted this year.


Family gatherings will be limited to those quarantining together and perhaps sharing an Easter greeting over Zoom or FaceTime. Egg hunts will be kept to backyards or maybe even indoors. And for the first time, perhaps ever, churches will be silent, the pews empty, masses and services held via video, or perhaps not at all.


If the realities of social distancing and quarantining haven’t hit, it has now in the form of the Easter Bunny not being so Hoppy. In some ways it is the icing (or perhaps dye?) on the proverbial Easter egg of a month that has up ended everything that we are use to. And now we can’t even see the dang Easter Bunny unless we are wearing masks!


Easter Best

It is one more thing that doesn’t seem fair amongst all the unfairness. And while it sucks. And by now a lot (and I do mean A LOT) of us are in need of hair dye. And most definitely a haircut because we are starting to bring back the mullet, a trend that REALLY needs to stay dead, regardless of a pandemic. And while we are at it a good waxing would go a Looonnngg way as well as some work on our (mine, totally own MY) nails, there is no need to NOT don your Easter Best, even if the last time you showered was when Broadway was still open. (no judgements guys!)


While it might be the norm at the moment, Easter Best is NOT PJ’s with cute bunnies on them regardless of how comfy they are. I totally understand that best intentions for getting dressed may have lapsed, alot and you are doing video calls pantless, BUT while our gatherings might be small, as I mentioned a few posts ago, you can still get quarantine glam, or in this case, rock your Easter Best, for YOU. Heck, Easter Bunny books might have been suspended this year, but you can still take a pic with all your candy, which is hopefully getting you through this. I know it is me!


Easter Florals

Florals are something that have grown on me in past years. It has been a slow and steady progression to what is now a pretty rock solid relationship, and while it might be cliche, it is my go to for Easter festivities. Now, I realize none of us really have any festivities to go to this year, but that is alright, because we work with what we got.


It use to be that I stuck with a more pastel color palette when it came to florals, but over the years especially this last one, I have expanded to more colorful patterns and prints that are no longer so delicate. That said, I still come back to my tried and true especially at Easter. There is something about pinks and purples that scream Easter to me.


The Look

I found this Pink Lily dress last year and it automatically put me in the Easter spirit. It is spring-esque while still being quarantine comfy. I wouldn’t wear it to the Easter Vigil, since it tends towards the shorter side, but for egg hunts, and Easter Sunday fun it is the perfect dress. The A-line style is super flattering, skimming the body and made for creating the perfect twirl in the sunshine! My favorite part just might be the surprise detail of lace straps on the back of the dress that truly make it stand out.


Being a mermaid at heart, I love going barefoot, so being completely truthful, I probs won’t be wearing any shoes. Yes even if I go outside, because thank the lord the snow has finally melted, and it is warm. BUT for styling purposes and the pictures I took, I paired it with wedges that matched the lace detail on the back of the dress. Given the fact I am always cold, even when I am trying to soak up some Vitamin D, and since it is New Hampshire I added a denim jacket as well as a blanket scarf. Which ironically given the happenings going on could probably double as a mask.


I honestly never thought I would write that in a fashion post, but here we are and these are the crazy times we are living in. It makes me wonder if in a few years I will look back and it will all just be a moment of pause (literally) or whether it won’t be so insane to imagine anymore, and masks truly will be fashion. Which ever way the sun shines, we will all adapt, just like we are now, Easter Best and all. Stay Safe Friends!


How are you dressing this Easter? How are you coping this Holy Week and during these crazy times? 

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5 thoughts on “What DO I Wear?!?! Stay At Home Easter Florals

  1. You look adorable, love the colours in this dress and the photo of you pairing it with the denim jacket and scarf is my favourite! Happy Easter beautiful, hope you have lots of chocolate <3

  2. Oh Kate, you gorgeous radiant princess Queen!! This may be one of my favourite looks of yours yet, you look gorgeous!!

    I’m loving your dress & the shoes you’ve chosen to go with it are absolutely perfect. LOVE. I’m loving the back of the dress also, so cute!

    Happy Easter beautiful, hope you can enjoy all the candy.

    Love ya <3

  3. Gorgeous!!! The most perfect Easter outfit. I love pairing the denim jacket with it all!! I never think of doing that enough with my dresses- such a cute look!

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