What DO I Wear?!?! Subtle Fall Animal Print

I don’t know why, but I can’t get myself to like animal prints.” ~ Radhika Apte

The Wayf x BFF Collection

Hey friends! We are back with the second print of the same dress from the Nordstrom’s Wayf x Bff Collection. If you didn’t catch my post yesterday, two incredibly talented bloggers collaborated with Nordstrom’s Wayf brand to create a capsule collection named after their blogging besties. Not only do I love when bloggers get a say in creating fashion, but I love when they also support and give shout outs to fellow bloggers. It can be such a tough industry but when it comes down to it, it is also an incredibly close and supportive one, and I love it. 


I picked up two dresses in the Wayf x BFF Collection. Both are the same style but with different patterns. Yesterday I shared the pale pink dress that in my opinion is perfect not just for fall, but year round. And today is the subtle animal print. While the style is the same, I love how different these prints are because it truly does offer something for everyone. 


Animal Print

I feel like last year was really my first foray into animal print. After years of shunning it, I realized it was time to jump on the bandwagon especially since the jungle had been unleashed in what seemed like every single store. It was everywhere! And while it might be slightly tamer this year, animal print is still extremely popular. And the jungle I had tiptoed the edges of last year, I have fully dived into this year. 


No two animal prints are alike, and there is a print for every style. When I attempted animal print last year, I was going for more subtle pieces. Shoes, bags, maybe a camisole. I also tended to stay away from leopard print preferring snake skin or alligator. NOT this year. Aside from buying multiple items in animal print, I even bought a leopard patterned coat! You will be hearing me roar for days!


The dress

First off, the print on this dress is so subtle that it doesn’t even appear to be leopard print at first. I think that is one of the reasons I love it. Even if I hadn’t been converted to animal print, I would still have rocked it because it isn’t in your face. This print is very much more of a neutral then a statement and I love that. It only adds to its versatility.


And as I shared yesterday, this dress is so incredibly versatile. Just like the pink version, it can be dressed up or down and it can be worn pretty much year round. Because of the print, I do consider it more of an autumn and winter look. That said, you can style it with bright colored accessories to give it more of a spring summer vibe, when those months come around, which seems so far away! 


Styled Three Different Ways

I have been rocking these dresses the last month, which is no mean feat given that we are in the midst of a pandemic. And I decided to style the leopard print in three different ways. The first, being what I call Fall Casual. I actually kept the look very similar to how I styled the pink dress, pairing it with my staple booties which I tend to wear year round with it, as well as my favorite wide brimmed hat. In case it got cold, I paired a neutral Dudley Stephens Blanket Scarf which also doubles as a wrap, for some warmth.


Style two is what I call Office Chic (pre-corona of course). As I mentioned yesterday, this dress is perfect for the office. Or maybe from the office to a girls night (again pre-corona because my office look is super casual these days AKA non existent) I paired an army green sweater from J-Crew to add a pop of color while still sticking with those neutral autumnal tones. For more chicness I also added peep toe heels for a spice of glam. But also heels for short girls are a must, am I right? 


Style three is the most glammed up look I styled with this dress. I kept the black heels, and added my cape blazer for some ultra glam. Speaking of which, I have been sharing and rocking this blazer for years. It really is a closet staple. I own it in several colors and it instantly transforms any outfit. And bonus? It is currently on sale from Macys at an insanely good deal! It would be perfect with the holidays coming up!


I love how effortlessly these dresses are and as you all know this blogger LOVES some good versatility, which isn’t just a buzz word but as a fashionista my mantra. Statement pieces that pack all the punch as well as can transform for all the occasions. And this dress has that in spades! It is also the perfect dress to wear with the holidays coming. It adds some holiday glam, while still being casual enough to eat turkey while talking to your family over Zoom. 


What do you think of the dress? Do you prefer the animal print or the pink printed dress? What is your favorite look? 

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12 thoughts on “What DO I Wear?!?! Subtle Fall Animal Print

    1. Haha that was always how I was, until I was like I am just gonna do it! I actually went outside my comfort zone this year, with a leopard jacket….eeeek! Awe thanks sweets! I hope you are having an amazing day! <3

    1. Awe thanks beauty! It is definitely my fall go to and I am being an outfit repeater, but I love it to much to care! It is probably one of my favorite items in my closet! It instantly transforms any outfit! <3

  1. I’m totally with you girl, for yearssss I’ve shunned animal print and it was literally just last year that it started to catch my eye and I started adding a few items into my shopping carts but it most definitely has to be subtle lol that’s such a good way to put it. Your dress is the perfecttt happy medium and I love the soft tones, you can create so many different outfit concoctions with that! You are a queen at pairing your outfits so well, so many versatile looks with one item! #Inspoooo You look so fabb missy!! <3 <3

    1. Kindred spirits! I am so happy I am not alone in that, and I love how we have both been converted! I just got a coat that was little bold, but it is also a coat so I don’t hate it. Awe thanks beauty! That means so much! You are the sweetest! <3

  2. not only is the dress absolutely stunning, i love the location you picked!
    i also love that you paired this dress with two different pairs of shoes, i can’t pick one over the other, both are great!

  3. This dress actually convinced me to venture into the world of animal print. It is very subtle, encouraging one to not be afraid to wear new patterns.

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