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What DO I Wear?!?! Summer Blues Take One


“Fashion is anything which is you and reflects your personality, and if you are comfortable with what you wearing, you’ll look trendy and fashionable for sure.” ~ Yami Gautam

Au Revoir Summer Fashion

I admit to being in hardcore denial about the end of summer. How is it the end of August? HOW? I feel like I say it every year, but this summer especially seems to have flown by, like it was the Flash. Part of it is that I travelled much of June and July, and the other part is much of my summer traditions I have saved until August.

While I am beginning to get bitten by the pumpkin spice bug, (you can buy it next week according to Starbucks) and have even made a couple fall clothing purchases, I am still loving summer fashion and it is only fitting to end it on a blue note. Summer Time Saddness (cue Lana Del Rey) is just another word for the Summer Blues….Okay I made that up, but this IS a two part blue series, of a new summer staple.

At this point I sound like a broken record, but I love versatility and I love two pieces. This summer I bought two two piece sets (mouthful!) from Lulus. Continuing on the broken record soap box (I should just make a billboard) blue is my favorite color which is why this blue floral piece is one of my favorite summer outfits and a must have.

Lulu’s Blue Floral Two Piece Set

When I saw this set on Lulu’s website, I was sold instantly. Despite not being a fan of floral patterns, (just continuing with the broken record theme) the cobalt blue color instantly drew me to it. It has also been the summer of coming out of my fashion cave and I was willing to give it a shot.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, Lulu’s tends to run on the smaller side, so I ordered a size up. I was nervous about how well the top would fit, since I have mosquito bites, and excess fabric even if it is meant to be flowy, it is not an attractive look.

Thankfully the top was adjustable, and once I adjusted the straps it fit. It was a bit longer then on the model, but then that is just part of the story of the legal little person.

The skirt was long and flowy, and while it fit well, did I mention it was long? I had to go to my trusty hemstress and get a foot taken off, once again adding to the story of the legal little person. Legit I could write a book.

Length issues aside, the material was light and silky. It felt cool against my skin, making it perfect for hot summer days, and on windy days it totally gave the Beyoncé vibes. I loved how I had the options of making the skirt either high or low waisted given my mood or how many tacos I had consumed the night before.


The first time I debuted the outfit, I decided I would wear both pieces. Despite it being a set, many people think it is a dress, and I got complimented as such.

On a day where we were doing a little bit of everything, from exploring a chic beachside town, to perhaps beacon’ it ourselves, I decided to let the beautiful floral print do the talking. I have found I prefer to let the prints be the focal point of my outfit when I wear them as to not look like Pippi Longstocking. Simpler is better in my book.

//Jacket: J-Crew // Top and Skirt: Lulu’s // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban // Necklace: SeaMilligan Designs // Earrings: Free People // cuff: LightHouseStudioDesigns// 

I ended up throwing the set over a white bathing suit which blended seamlessly with the top and skirt. Because it was on the chillier side, I added my denim jacket, and kept my jewelry beachy with a SeaMilligan Design necklace, and my lobster gauge cuff. I had a pair of wedges, but for the most part I walked around barefoot. It was at once chic while still having those care-free vibes you find at the beach.

What do you think of the look? Do you love sets? 

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