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What DO I Wear?!?! Summer Blues Take Two


“Comfort and simplicity are two keys that I follow when it comes to fashion.” ~ Fawad Khan

Two Piece Sets Take Two

One of the things I love about two piece sets is all the options you get from them and you guys KNOW by now how much I love my options. They really are the best bang for your buck, and are perfect for traveling. While I am obsessed with the blue floral skirt and matching top that I wrote about in Tuesday’s post, I love the fact that I get more then one outfit. I can pair the top with jeans, or a white or navy skirt. And the skirt has just as many options, if not more.

Did I mention I love me some options?! They are also extremely vital when traveling to use the same pieces to create a wide variety of looks. It can be as simple as switching out a shirt, a jacket, or even pants to create multiple different outfits using the same pieces, and save some of that precious suitcase space for souvenirs…or more clothes.

//Jacket: J-Crew // Top: Free People // Skirt: Lulu’s // Necklace: SeaMilliganDesigns // Sunglasses: Tory Burch // Cuff: Lighthousestudiodesigns

All in the top

To change this outfit up, I decided to switch out the top for a white brami from Free People. Disclaimer: I may or may not own it in a gazillion (okay about eight) different colors. It is such a staple piece, and one that goes with anything especially if you love high waisted skirts and shorts, or want to bare that midriff during the summer or on a tropical vacay.

It was such a simple and easy switch, and yet, completely changed the look and vibe of the outfit. The top, while more casual, was perfect for a day out of boozy breakfasting and shopping.

The white top was a blank canvas compared to the skirt, and broke up the floral print so it wasn’t completely in your face. At the same time, it let the skirt do more of the talking and you could really appreciate the style.


Because it was on the cooler side not to mention most places blast the AC transporting you back to the frigid temps of winter, as opposed to the dawg days of summer, I added back my denim jacket, which is as much a staple as my bramis are. I could have easily paired my salmon jacket, or even a white one if I had wanted too. I stayed with my blush leather flip-flops from Aldo and kept my favorite SeaMilligan necklace.

Overall it was such a subtle easy switch, but one that completely changed the outfit. It had more of a casual beachy vibe, but was still fashionably perfect for summer. In fact I almost love this look better then the original!

Which outfit do you prefer? How do you switch up outfits?

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