What DO I Wear?!?! Summer Sun Daze

I’m a die-hard lover of high-waisted skirts with crop tops.” ~ Jillian Hervey

Never to Old

In June, I made an Instagram post reflecting on when and IF someone is to old to wear a crop top. Their were a lot of opinions, but the general consensus (admittedly because my friends are kick ass) was that you are never to old and as long as you are comfortable, rock it. Of course it does depend on WHERE you are, church may not be the best place to rock a crop top, but taking situations and dress codes into account, you do you boo.


The questions and reflections came about because I was turning thirty. I remember my cousin a few years ago as she approached HER thirtieth birthday wondering the same thing. (she decided forty, was a respectable age to button up a little more.) My philosophy has always been, not just with crop tops, but fashion in general, if you love something, and it makes you feel good, wear it, irregardless of what society says, and trends dictate.


Crop-tops also have a connotation of being trashy and slutty, which in my opinion, I think is ridiculous. Not only are they summery, but paired with high waisted pants or skirts they are chic and retro. Showing skin isn’t an shouldn’t be about being sexual. And if someone is going to put that connotation on someone, ESPECIALLY women, they can sit down. 


Sorry, soap box done. I admit in my teens and early twenties when I could more then rock crop-tops I shied away from them, in part because I was suffering from body dysmorphia and constantly thinking I was to fat for them. (I wasn’t) Now that I am older, I have realized how much I DO NOT care, and wear them because I like them. 




The Pieces

During the summer I like to be as comfortable as possible. While I typically lean towards the cold side and always need a sweatshirt with me, I love the tropical beach vibes of skirts and crop tops. If I could live in what is labelled resort wear I would ALL the time.


I have long gone to Free People for all my crop top needs. They have a vast selection of what are dubbed bramis. A sport’s bra, that could also double as a bralette slash a camisole combo. They are incredibly versatile and make the perfect transition from a workout to the beach to a casual meet-up for coffee. They can also be dressed up. I love the high necked Happiness Runs Crops. They are fitted without being to fitted, offer support, but are super comfy. They also come a gazillion colors, which I may or may not own just about all of them. 


I am always on the hunt for a good skirt, and found this one on Lulus and instantly fell in love with the color. It was summery with that pop of pale color while still being neutral enough. Originally it was a midi skirt, on my vertically challenged stature it became a maxi and I was here for it. One hack I have found when buying skirts and even dresses since the midi trend emerged, is that if I don’t want to hem something, just look at the midi options and they are usually the perfect length on my 4’10 frame.


The Look

This might be one of my favorite summer looks. Being a Gemini, I am all about the versatility and this outfit offers it in spades of summery fashion. It is casual while still being chic and I can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. I chose a white brami, to go with the skirt and the two make the perfect pairing. I love that I had the option to pull the skirt up higher depending on how many tacos I eat. 


Because it was almost a hundred degrees when I rocked this outfit and took these pictures, I decided to pull my curled hair into a low messy bun. I kept my jewelry simple, opting for my Knotical statement earrings from Sewcialte NH in a hot pink for some vibrancy. I did a triple rope bracelet from Allison Cole Jewelry in keeping with the Nautical motif. While I could have worn some wedges, I decided to go for a more casual look with leather sandals and of course I had my Ray-Bans as always. 


I love the feminine, yet summery, feel of this outfit and how effortless it not only looks, but also was when styling these pieces. While I don’t have a capsule wardrobe, I like knowing that the pieces in my closet will mesh well with each other. This look kept me cool, while still making me feel put together on hot days, and let me tell you it WAS hot!


What do you think of this look? What is your opinion of crop tops?

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3 thoughts on “What DO I Wear?!?! Summer Sun Daze

  1. Um so much yes in one post? Yes to this outfit (you look FIRE, as per the always), yes to wearing what you want when you want and YES to not letting society and trends dictate what you like. Love this! xx

  2. You look gorgeous! I think it’s ridiculous as well that some people think crop tops are slutty. Like anything, it’s about how you wear it and how you feel. Your outfit is very chic and perfect for summer. xx

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