What Do I Wear?!?! Sun, Swimsuits, and Sarongs

If you feel great in a bikini, you can always work it. – Gigi Hadid

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Swimsuit Fashion

Hello, hello friends! HOW are you doing? Also HOW are we in August? Time truly flies! While some companies are already rolling out boots and sweaters, I am still proudly rocking all of the swimsuit fashion. After all, we still have about two months left of summer friends! I am not ready to say good-bye just yet, and I don’t think the temperatures are ready either! It has been a nice ninety degrees, with a real feel of a hundred and I think I am the only one here for it.

After all there is nothing better then being at the ocean when it is hot out. Not to mention I love swimsuit fashion. I know, I know, alot of you think I am cray-cray, not just for loving the hot temps, but also loving swimsuit fashion. I mean who loves a bathing suit or even ROCKING a bathing suit? For many of us, and yes, I was included in this for the longest time, it is our WORST nightmare. I have worked alot on my own self love, and body acceptance especially when it comes to wearing a swimsuit. I wasted so much time focusing on how I looked, that I missed out on having fun. But thankfully, as I have gotten older I wised up. It also helps that much like fashion as a whole, swimsuits have evolved, and there are now not only a wide variety of swimsuit styles, but swimsuit fashion.

What the heck is swimsuit fashion you might ask. Just because you are going swimming or lounging at the beach doesn’t mean you can’t be sun-kissed, sandy, AND chic. From cover-up dresses, to long dusters, to skirts and my favorite, sarongs, you can be the epitome of a fashionista at a beach. After all even mermaids LOVE fashion!


For years I would wear shorts when I would go swimming because I was insecure about my thighs. Instead of recognizing their strength, I just saw that they were big from years of skating. I spent years learning to love them and what they can do. That being said, I still like keeping home somewhat covered and one of the ways to do that is throwing a sarong over my bikini. It is a quick way to cover-up, yet still be swim ready and chic. Sarongs are actually long pieces of fabric that are tied at the waist in a skirt. While you can buy “sarongs” you can also buy a pashmina or wide blanket scarf and tie it around your waist. I am sharing three of my favorites, all from Lulu’s.

Palm tree sarong

It should come as no surprise that my palm tree obsession has not only continued, but extended to swimwear accessories. I love a good palm tree print and this sarong obviously called to me. I love the colors of the large print and the fringe adds some fun pizzazz. It isn’t to long, and the fabric is lightweight. I have been styling it with my white and black bikinis and I love how it looks. I feel like I am in the tropics with this print!

Blue motif

Next up is this fun blue print, which if you look closely, has some sparkle detail sewn into the fabric. It is versatile and also works well as a scarf or even a very light blanket. the material is lightweight and is not to long, but covers enough that I could walk along he beach or go and grab coffee. I love rocking it with my white bikini, but it also works great with navy or even black!


The last sarong is a classic white and is a more traditional sarong. It is a gauzy see-through mesh material and is longer in the back. It also has fun pompoms at the bottom for more beachy vibes. It literally goes with everything! I pair it with my printed bikinis as well as solid colors. It is a great neutral to have and it also comes in black!

Do you like Sarongs? what is your favorite type of cover-up at the beach? 

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