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What DO I Wear?!?! Sunshine Yellow


“Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” ~ Hans Christian Andersen

Spring Has Sprung

Guys, I think finally, FINALLY, Spring is here! While I have been in a battle of epic proportions for all that is good and just to wear Summer dresses and espadrilles, over the evil that is Mother Nature and her frigidness (I know, I know, can I BE anymore dramatic?) I have fought the doom and gloom, and given her the middle finger salute in the form of wearing bright and cheery colors.

Because Ladies and Gents, it is almost May and gosh darn it, it SHOULD be in the sixties! While I have restrained myself from wearing white jeans, I could not help but rock start rocking the bright, bold colors, that seems to put a smile on my face and a extra pep in my step when I wear them.

Shopping in Charleston

When I was in Charleston in February, the shops were already bursting with Spring and Summer clothes, that automatically put me in a good mood, and I couldn’t help picking up some items, even though I knew I wouldn’t be able to rock them for a couple months. (or yeah know, longer, because Mother Nature, and yes I am bitter) If I had any doubts I was a Southern girl at heart, I just needed to look at the clothes and it set me straight. They connected with me on a spiritual level. They WERE me, which is why I need to move there, but I digress.

// Top: The Impeccable Pig // Jeans: White House Black Market // Espadrilles: DSW // Bracelet: BCBG // Cuff: Lighthouse Studio Designs// Necklace: SeaMilligan Designs// 

The clothes were colorful and cheerful, with vacation-esque prints, and billowy sleeves. Off the shoulder tops, and crop tops. My mermaid heart was in love. It was very much resort attire, and while I do love me some leggings and boots, I love me some maxi dresses, and off the shoulder shirts even more.

The Shirt at The Impeccable Pig

Kings Street was littered with boutique-esque shops, which I love. There is something about boutiques, that make it more personable, and also typically speak to my personal style. They are Anthropologie on an independently owned level.

While The Impeccable Pig has twenty locations in the South, it is a family owned company started by a mother and daughter duo in Dallas. They are at once affordable, and trendy, and I immediately knew I wanted to buy one of everything the moment I stepped into the Charleston location.

Unfortunately I had to restrain myself (where is the fun in that?) and settled on a few accessories and THE shirt. A linen, three quarter length, billowy, off the shoulder yellow top, that is perfect for Spring and Summer. I can wear it with white jeans OR I can go ultra boho, and wear it with my white maxi skirt. I understand what Ann-Kathrin means when she says yellow is such a cheery color!

The Look

I rocked this look on the first really warm day we had, where people were still walking around in Canada Goose jackets, because they didn’t truly trust what they were feeling. I had wanted to wear my white jeans, but I knew I would be jumping the fashion gun just a bit. So I decided to pair the sunshine top with blue ripped jeans, and of course I had to rock my new espadrilles from DSW.

I love the combination of yellow and blue, so I added one of my favorite SeaMilligan tassel necklaces, that had safety sea glass, and my BCBG sead bracelet, in the same beautiful green blue color.

In terms of styling, the look was super easy to put together, letting the top stand out in the sun, and just adding a couple pops of another color. That is what I love about Summer, you don’t have to put as much of an effort into outfits, but you can still look fashionable.

What do you think of the look? Do you wear bright colors in the Spring and Summer? 

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