What Do I Wear?!?! Sweater Season!

“Put on a sweater and really great sneakers with a big scarf, and you’ll look so stylish. For me, they are an everyday essential.” ~ Meghan Markle

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Sweater Weather

Hello friends! It is sweater weather! Again! Though in my opinion as someone who is always cold it is ALWAYS sweater weather in my book! I love a good, cozy sweater. Not to mention I HATE being cold, and sweaters are the best way to keep me warm, while still being fashionable! I even leave my maxi cardigans, or the coatigan as they are now being called, out year round, so I have something I can grab in case I get chilly, which is pretty much a guarantee!

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Now, while I love sweaters, not all sweaters are created equal. Some can be super scratchy and uncomfortable, and some can just be flat out NOT flattering and fashionable. Finding that perfect sweater is like finding the holy grail, and when I do find them I have a tendency to buy multiple colors. Sweaters are one of those things that are pretty versatile and you can dress them up or down. Here are a few of my favorites and with Black Friday just around the corner many of these are on sale or stores are offering a discount.

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Turtleneck Dolman Sweater

This is one of my favorite sweaters and also very on trend this season. I sang its’ praises last year, and I am still obsessed with it this year! I own it in two colors, a charcoal and a camel color, and both are equally amazing. I love the looser fit of this sweater, yet perhaps it is the dolman sleeves or high neck that still makes it chic and elegant. I have worn it around the house as well as out to dinner and even for the holidays. A bonus is that I get compliments every time I wear it! I usually style it with Spanx leggings and either booties or heels.

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Green Pocket Sweater

I usually stick to neutrals, with the exception of the occasional red or pale pink (which can also be a neutral in my book) sweater, yet something about this sweater called to me. I usually prefer a longer fit and I am not a fan of a pocket that high on a shirt. Yet, this sweater works. I love the dark green which makes it perfect for the holidays, and while it is shorter I can still rock it with leggings and boots. I also love how heavy it is, without being itchy.

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V-Neck Pull Over sweater

Another sweater I own in multiple colors. This sweater is one of the softest and coziest I have. There is something about the yarn that just makes me feel like I am wearing a very VERY chic blanket. As I own it in red, it is perfect for the holidays or to rock whenever. It is another sweater I can dress up or down, and I really do love how soft it is.

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A White Sweater

I feel like everyone needs a white sweater in their wardrobe, whether it is a basic cable knit, or an oversized tunic. It is a great basic piece that can be styled so many different ways, while still being cozy. I tend to wear my white sweaters a lot during the cold weather months as I feel like they are a blank slate I can dress up or dress down.

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V-neck Sweater Dress

Okay this one I might be taking artistic liberties with as it is technically a sweater DRESS, and while I have worn it as a dress, (out to the bars), it is a very SHORT dress so I typically tend to pair it with leggings and rock it as a tunic sweater. Both work and I do love how versatile it is. I love the deep v in the back which adds some uniqueness to the sweater. I own it in four colors and it comes in six! It is definitely a staple in my closet!

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I know, I KNOW I have been talking non-stop about the coatigan, but it really is one of my favorite styles and I just love how it has gotten an updated name this year, not to mention how trendy it is! Fashion always ebbs and flows friends and I am so happy it has flown right back to this trend. I own quite a few “coatigans.” I love how versatile they are. They are perfect year round, and elevate any outfit you are wearing. Lulu’s has quite a few this year including this gorgeous gray coatigan and this camel.

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Cropped Sweater

I am not usually a fan of cropped sweaters, but when I saw this one from Pink Lily I knew I not only needed to get it, but get it in multiple colors, which of course I did. It is perfect to wear with leggings, or a skirt. Or throw over your clothes after a yoga or skating session. It is a more casual sweater, but I love the uniqueness and it is so cozy!

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Do you love sweaters? What is your favorite style to wear? How do you style them? 

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  1. This is the coziest post of them all! Bring on sweater season 😍 you rock every single one – I’m following some of these links and about to do some shopping because I need some of these in my life 🛍 ☺️

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