What DO I Wear!?!? Tanya-B

“Like the snail whose garment is an integral component of his body…” ~ Zalman

As a yogi and pretty athletic lady, finding clothes that are not only comfy and move with my body but also fashionable and versatile from studio to street can be hard to find.


//Hat and skirt: Anthropologie // Sunglasses: Tory Burch //Shirt: Tanya-B//

Thankfully I know some one who makes some pretty awesome clothing, my mentor and friend Tanya Boulton and her partner Anna Chung. Together they created Tanya-B, a clothing line geared for those of us who have hectic lives but still like to get that work out in and be fashionable in the process.

Her clothing is simple, yet chic with colorful leggings, ballet camis and my favorite the tye-dye halter top of which I might own more then several!

The tie-dye halter

This halter is not only comfy, but incredibly flattering with its ombre coloring and well placed ruching. It has a built in shelf bra, and holds everything in place especially when it matters like running to catch that train or a vigorous Vinyasa class. It is made of a cotton blend and is super soft against the skin. It is perfect for a Restorative class, or a fast paced hot yoga practice. During the summer, I love pairing it with skirts or wearing it over my swimsuit at the beach. The tri-colors makes it pair well with a wide variety of colors.


// Glasses: Tory Burch// Tie-dye Halter: Tanya-B// Leggings: Lulu Lemon//

Off the Shoulder Shirt

This shirt was one of my first ever purchases from this company. It is so comfy! I had my doubts that the sweat suit like material would be chic, but it was completely unfounded when I tried it on. It is so cozy, I could live in it 24-7. Like the rest of her clothes it flows seamlessly between studio and street life. The boxy style is incredibly flattering (t-shirt designers take note!) and the off the shoulder design makes it a flirty piece to wear. They offer it in short sleeve and long sleeve and I am not ashamed to admit I own it in both.


//Hat and skirt: Anthropologie // Sunglasses: Tory Burch //Shirt: Tanya-B//

Open Back long Sleeve T

This is actually the newest design in the Tanya-B collection and I am in love with it! If there is something I love about my body it would be my back. Probably because I don’t have to look at it all the time! Joking aside, it was the first part of me I would show a little skin. This shirt shows a heck of a lot of skin but I love it! The first time I wore it. I felt unbelievably sexy. It can be worn off the shoulders and has a tie back that you can adjust. This shirt really is unique to the wearer and her tastes. The material is soft and cozy like all her clothes. While it is perfect to pair with her halter top, I also have worn it with jeans and heels to a bar.


//Open-Back Shirt: Tanya-B// Bra and leggings: Lulu lemon// 


I feel like I needed to give these an honorable mention. Disclaimer I have never tried them, but they are on my bucket list. Everyone I have talked to loves these leggings. And I have loved them from afar. The colors themselves are enough to make any fashionista drool. Even Lulu and Athleta do not have a hand on the vibrant greens and purples these leggings come in.

To shop Tanya-B check out her website. It not only has her amazing clothes, but it is also a beautiful collaboration of yoga instructors and practitioners, inspiration, and community. Tanya-B also does trunk shows many of which raise funds for charities. Both she and Anna teach their own yoga classes. If you are in the city, you have to check them out!

Have you worn Tanya-B clothing? What is your favorite gym or studio to street outfit? 

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  1. I’ve never even heard of Tanya-B clothing but the pieces you have look super comfy yet stylish. I especially like the open back shirt.

  2. Looove that open back long sleeved shirt! I have the same priorities as you with clothes: they need to be comfy, fashionable, and able to move with me. Can’t wait to go check out Tanya-B’s website!!

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